Valuable spiritual wealth in the new era (on-site review · Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey 1)

Chang Changru’s historical vicissitudes, combined with the characteristics of the times and vigorously promote the spirit of the Red Boat, and constantly inspire the beliefs and strength of the socialism with socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is burn into the south lake, and burned into bricks in the fire. Jiaxing old railway station in Jianzhong.

Not long ago, the author followed the footprints of the Chinese Communist Party’s representatives to listen to the echo of history. At the construction site of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway Jiaxing Station, the historical original "a big" representative of a hundred years ago, the historical description of the meeting is reproducible.

This red landmark with 210,000 "Jian Party 100 years" commemorates brick masonry will be completed in the party’s 100 years. "Revolutionary Sounds in the Essay, the birth of a partner".

On the evening of July 30, 1921, the CCP "a large" convention in the Shanghai French concession was swatched, and the average age of 28-year-old communists should calmly respond, decided to take the train to Jiaxing outside the hundred kilometers, with the tour of the lake. , Renew in the ship.

The little red boat carries thousands of fires, and the fire of the Chinese revolution. After the end of the Nanhu meeting, "a big" representative Wang Ruijun was excited to write down the "The poor class see the battlefield," perfect! " This year’s 23-year-old youth has changed its name to the name of the king, and the revolutionary movement of the Yun Yun.

After "a big", countless benevolence, advanced youth brought together under the flag of red belief, opened a new page of Chinese history.

"The Red Boat, witnessed the great incidents in Chinese history, became the symbol of the source of the Chinese revolution. During the Work of Zhejiang, Comrade Xi Jinping wrote in the article" Carrying "Red Boat" Walking in the Time of the Age ".

It is in this red ship, "a large" adopted the first previous program of the Communist Party of China, the first resolution, and elect the party’s first leading institution.

Jiaxing South Lake witnessed the great incident of "China has produced the Communist Party", and became the red starting point of the hundred years of party history. From Nanhu to the Long March, from the Dongdu Yellow River to resist Japan to Military Masters, from the construction of new China to promote reform and opening up, the Chinese Communists broke through the wind and rains, cross the rapids, and constantly achieve another victory. A instructor in the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial said that "Red Boat’s red, not her color, but symbolizes the red spontaneous blood, this is our party’s spiritual power."

The red ship is pinned is the initiality and mission of the Chinese Communists. It is a spiritual monument that is never faded in the hearts of the Chinese children.

During the Work of Zhejiang, Comrade Xi Jinping once summarized the "Red Boat" into the ground, the first spirit of the people, firmly desired, and the spirit of struggle, the party is the public, loyal to the people.

This is the source of the Chinese revolutionary spirit, and it is also a valuable spiritual wealth that leads the cadres and masses. Chang Changru’s historical vicissitudes, combined with the characteristics of the times and vigorously promote the spirit of the Red Boat, can constantly inspire the beliefs and strength of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Today, no matter the cold and sunny, people who come to Nanhu to visit the red ship every day, only to revisit the light of the rescue of the country, the power of the people.

Everything goes forward, can’t forget the way to walk. The bull ship is a symbol of the forefront of the times. In the new journey, whether it is a great struggle with many new historical features, or coordinates the domestic international internationalities, coordinating new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, or based on new development stage, implement new development philosophy, and build The new development pattern requires us to always walk along the red ship, boldly explore, innovate, not afraid of hardships, hard work, and seek truth and pragmatic, and people. Gao Yang’s ideal sail, swaying a piglet, carrying the people’s will, faith more firm, spirit more gathering, we will create a new historical great industry. (The authors are the people’s daily reporters).