Shawan County, Xinjiang: National Union Flower Kai Jingou River

Buy Land East is the secretary of the Party branch of the Jingou River Holling Pipe, the Shawan County, the face, the simple smile, always gives people a kind of intimacy. He was in the grassroots 30 years and is a practitioner of national unity. In 2020, the national unity advanced individual title. The employees of the Jingou River Water Supply consist of multi-ethnic workers. Buy East said: "Only the heart of all people is together, screwing into a piece, the efficiency of everyone’s work will be higher." Every party membership activities and holidays, buy Lei East will lead the water pipes party members. Cadres to the Erda Village of Jingou River Town, visit the elderly people in the village, send the old man to life necessities, help the elderly to clean the health, this help is five or six years.

Erluto Bay Village Village Turi said: "For so many years, buyers often come to visit the elderly people in the village to help all students, help everyone to mediate contradictions, people are particularly good, everyone trust him." During the residential area of ??Honggou Village, Jingou River Town, buying East as a team captain, he regards there as his own home.

The village of Honggou Village is very difficult, and the wife has a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and the coronary heart disease, the second son has epilepsy, and the family cannot engage in heavy physical labor. After buying Dong learned, take the initiative to help the mountainibibaibi, helping them apply for a major illness, temporary rescue, etc. In the holidays, buying East will take rice, Qing oil, flour and condolence, and visit the mountains.

Before I went into the winter every year, he sent the coal and winter vegetables to the mountains.

Shansiba said: "I have put the east as a loved one. When I loving people, he would find a way to help her to cure the disease. Later, the lover died, he often encouraged me to help me. I can meet such a good person. Such a good cadre is the luck of our whole family.

(He Juan) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting).