16th year of love student road (a new era of praise)

"The Army Aunt is coming!" Home lived in Xiaohong, Huilong Town, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, Xiao Ying two sisters turned to run into the house, took out the transcript, and could not wait to show customers.

The kids looking forward to the Auntie, is the president of Zhaoqing Deqing Love Society, Mo Lijun (above, information).

When she went to a small red home, a family crowded only a house of only 8 square meters. After the end of the visitor, Mo Lijun and Love Society found a funded by the mother and daughter, and also strived to the support of the county Women’s Federation.

Love the military aunt, not only Xiaohong and Xiao Ying.

This love student road, the 42-year-old Mo Lijun has gone for 16 years. "The heart is broad, the road is at the foot." In the eyes of Mo Lijun, the little love, gathered, and there will be great power.

After Mo Lijun graduated, he did 6 years of rural teachers. During this time, she would help the children in Deqing Mountain.

In the summer of 2005, the folk volunteer student group "Guangzhou Le Shanbo School Promotion Association" walked into the lives of Mo Lijun.

"With the help of the village committee and the school, we have a preliminary list. If you do one by one, if the situation does "" The self-service group and student career attracted, Mo Lijun became a volunteer on a student.

This is a road that is tired of mountains, exhausted and moving. In November 2006, Mo Lijun embarked on the road to help 176 poor students. In the return of the dragon, Gao Qiang and other places, Mo Lijun met with the students’ family status, truthfully recorded difficulties, and took photos of the whole process, encouraged the children to establish confidence … In the process of love, Mo Lijun found that there are many people and Enterprises also want to help poor students, just don’t understand the way. If you can mobilize everyone, students can get more help.

"We can set up a volunteer community!" Mo Lijun’s idea got everyone agreed.

After a year, June 2010, Deqing Love Society was established.

It was originally engaged in people from all walks of life, and the group of groups were gathered into streams. Water long flow, expensive. "We have held a monthly activity from January 2019, and each month, there are 10 difficult families in a month, carry out regularly, and the wind and rain are unimpeded.

"Mo Lijun said. Deqing Love Society has expanded from the first few people to have 260 registered volunteers, and the volunteers WeChat group have more than 460 people in the WeChat group; 10,000 yuan, funded more than 310 Deminity in reading poor. "Seeing a family is helping, students have successfully promoted, everything is worth it! "Mo Lijun said with a smile," We advocate the power of the mean in the scope of power, as long as you stick, you can change the life of poor students.