Beijing Raffles Mall on the 16th resumed business staff, environmental tests are negative

  Beijing Raffles Mall will resume business on November 16. The Beijing CDC has completed the relevant epidemiological investigation, environmental sampling testing, and the professional team has completed two comprehensive professional killed, clean. After the assessment of the relevant government departments, Beijing Raffles had an opening condition and ratified on November 16th resumed business.

  To exclude risks, block viral communication pathways, ensure that consumers and employees are healthy and safe, from November 11th, Beijing Raffles shopping mall should temporarily close the store, and carry out full murder, come to Farmit Office and Ya The poetic service apartment is operating normally.

  Beijing Raffles Mall strictly follows the prevention and control of the epidemic control, all personnel in the event field on November 10th, including customers, shopping malls and tenant employees accepted the nucleic acid detection of the city’s disease control center, and sampling outside the relevant regional environment.

On November 12th, 13th, shopping malls, tenants all employees and office buildings were 100% completed nucleic acid detection.

On November 11th, on the 14th, the professional killer team has completed comprehensively killed the mall and office buildings. At 9:20 on November 15, Dongcheng District CDC once again sampling Beijing Raffles Mall, the test results are negative. During the shopping mall, the Raffles Office Building and Ya Shi Service Apartment are still in accordance with the prevention and control standards of the epidemic, and public areas such as the elevator, the bathroom, the takeaway area, the land, the garbage room, etc. are disinfected, staff, Guests, visitors, Beijing Health Bao Green Codes, can enter, express and takeaece not in.