2021 Shanghai Digital Innovation Conference opened today Shanghai 360-strong security headquarters

  Shanghai Demonstration News (Yan Yan Meng reporter Song Weiping) 2021 Shanghai Digital Innovation Conference held on December 14th in Shanghai Changfeng Multinational Procurement Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference is the theme of "Digitally Shanghai Butterfly". Digital economics people and experts and scholars gathered together to discuss the frontier problem of digital transformation, directly hit the pain points of digital innovation, and invite the future digital innovation blueprint.

  This event was hosted by the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Putuo District People’s Government, 360 Government-supplied Safety Group, Pu Chuangcheng, China with (Shanghai) Chuangguan.

  At the scene of the conference, the new (Shanghai) Innovation Park, the new settlement ceremony was held and the park, and the Shanghai Tsinghua International Innovation Center issued China Science and Technology Brain. The digital platform of the living circle is released, the Yangtze River Delta Financial Science and Technology Research Institute is officially unveiled, and the Shanghai 360 Safety Headquarters officially launched. At present, Shanghai is accelerating the construction of a technology innovation center with global influence, and vigorously promotes technology innovation and opening up cooperation and actively integrates into global innovation networks.

At the end of last year, Shanghai released the "Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting Shanghai Digital Transformation". Shanghai Putuo District took the lead in launching digital application scenarios in the city, formulating the "Putuo District 2021 City Digital Transformation Key Work Plan", starting a "first shot" of a comprehensive digital transformation. Among them, the "Shanghai Digital Innovation Conference" brand activity started last year.

In just one year, major projects such as (Shanghai) Innovation Park, Shanghai Tsinghua International Innovation Center, etc., urban digital transformation work is fully launched.

At present, Shanghai Putuo District has gathered a group of leading enterprises such as Jingdong, 360, Ali’s number, built a "Zhilian Puo" area "urban brain", gradually forming a digital industrial cluster, constructing a stable industrial policy system that supports digital transformation, Digital city base base is solid.

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