Wang Shuai thought for a while,Still can’t help shaking his head,If his girlfriend is like this……He really accepts not!

Wang Shuai thought,Can’t help but cling to Chen Wenjin:“Your heart is open-minded,Will has the strength of walls,Admire、admire!Humbled!”
“Yes,Golden will is very firm!”A leopard nodded in agreement,Chen Wenjin said irritably:“Wang Shuai is saying that I have a thick skin!”
“……is it?”Abao looking at Wang Shuai,The latter ignored him。
When the market was about to close, Chen Wenjin casually mentioned a few stocks,Leopard is still trapped,Can only wait for tomorrow,Just care about the next activities,Suggest that:“The butterfly is finally free,I must go to have fun today?”
“can not go,Going home to eat at night,Watching more closely at home during the holidays,Instead, there is a chance to breathe in school。”Butterflies are very depressed,But for a long time,She got used to it。Think about what her father did before?How many juvenile crimes have you seen??Can you keep her eye on?
“Isn’t it?Still go home for dinner?It’s not that it won’t last long?”A Bao feels very disappointed。
“Go play,I send the butterfly back,Her family eats early。”Chen Wenjin originally thought that she would repeat it in the next time,Don’t want to go。
“I have to go home anyway and continue to reflect deeply。”Wang Shuai waved his hand,Go ahead。
Abao asked Amei:“Find tanks and play with them?”
“Ok。”May I don’t want to go home today,It’s still early,I’m bored when I go back。
When Chen Wenjin got in the car,The butterfly said:“Hey,You recovered so soon?Are you so anxious to go to the rental house??”
“You don’t have that idea now,Why are you still staring at this??I was thinking,Find a place to sit and chat。”Chen Wenjin really served the butterfly,Thoughts are comparable to those young men who fantasize about the opposite sex all day long。