“Calm down,What I said next,It’s a bit more explosive than these!”

Li Henian put away the tumbling energy and sat back in the chair,Quietly waiting for the following text。
“I have the latest whereabouts of the wanted criminal Ye Fuming on hand,And i know where he is now,And I personally verified it,Ye Fuming is still under my watch now!”
A look of shock appeared in Li Henian’s eyes,I guess my identity!
“You don’t have to worry about my identity,I’m just a doctor with a small wish,Oh, right,Forgot to introduce myself,My name is.
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Four:Li Henian died,Provoking the Holy Spirit!
Li Henian roared,The corner of his mouth appeared with a smile from the side。
“How is this going!”
Fuming didn’t reply immediately,Look at the small cut on Li Henian’s shoulder,Very satisfied。
Li Henian’s eyes are full of anger,The weapon in the hand is already clenched,It seems that the next moment is going to rush up to talk about breaking up the body!