Xia Fei said,Turned around and walked towards the room she lived in。

Xia Jian pulled Fang Fang and said:“go!See how i got the needle,Don’t think I am a liar。How about my friendGZCome here??”
Fang Fang didn’t speak anymore,And Xia Jian walked into the room where Xia Fei lived。Sandalwood burned in the room,Smells very good。Alcohol lamp on the bedside table。Xia Fei crawled on the bed early,Her butt is covered with a blanket,Which leg she loves sticks out from under the blanket。
Xia Jian motioned Fang Fang to sit down on the chair in the room。He removed the dart bag wrapped around his waist,And began to sterilize the silver needle,Then start a massage on Xia Fei’s white thighs。
Although Xia Jian’s thighs are white and smooth,He had surgery because of his injury,There is still a conspicuous scar on the stitched wound。
Xia Jian finished the massage,And started to give Shafee a needle。Something magical happened,Xia Fei’s needle stuck in his thigh,But the soles of her feet turned out to be white。This scene is very similar to the description in martial arts novels。
Fang Fang opened his eyes wide and watched Xia Fei change,She sits,Stood up slowly。She walked to the bed,I can’t believe my eyes,This turned out to be true。
The nine silver needles of different lengths are all pierced,Xia Jian just sat on the side of the bed and took a long breath。Fang Fang said admiringly:“I didn’t expect your technique to be so powerful,I knew you would do this,But I didn’t expect your hand to be so powerful”
“This one also pays attention to fate。Xia Fei’s leg injury is particularly suitable for my treatment,If this is for someone else,Maybe it won’t have such an effect。So I usually don’t take the initiative to treat others。Unless it’s my good friend,I will try it first,If it works,I will continue treatment”
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,His phone rang。He quickly opened it and took a look,Which Lei Lei called。
Xia Jian hesitated,But still connected。Lei Lei’s beautiful voice came from the phone immediately:“President Xia!Sorry to disturb you so late。My mother asked me to ask you,When did she get her needle?”
“Then tomorrow noon!It is best to let the sun shine in the room,It’s best to burn the sandalwood in advance。Get the alcohol shop ready,Also prepare a new towel”
Xia Jian made arrangements very seriously,So I didn’t wait for Lei Lei to speak,He hung up the phone here。
Fang Fang asked with a smile:“You changed career now?Improper boss and became a doctor?”
“Laugh!I dare to call a doctor。All friends,Like this,Still drag Zhang Teng’s blessing,This guy caused me trouble,Then so many things happened when I put out the fire。No help,It’s a forced shot”
Xia Jian smiled,He couldn’t help but glance at his watch。