What to do if I often cough?

Try these 5 recipes

What to do if I often cough?
Try these 5 recipes

In the older generation, especially people in Guangdong, when there is a sick cough at home, they will always think of a few foods to treat cough, let alone some popular foods, which are really popular, are really good for treating cough.Seeing that it is slightly significant and the effect is very good, then we will introduce in detail the expansion of these household foods, so that more people can avoid cough.

  1. Use corn to add decoction with orange peel. This may be biased for many people. In fact, this is a long-established cure for cough, because it is easy to find and not expensive.

The method is simple and easy to understand. Use corn shavings and fresh orange peels together, add enough water, decoction, and take it twice a day, you can use the effect of resolving phlegm and cough, especially for wind cold cough, the effect is more significant.

  2. Buy fresh pig lungs for stewed pig lungs. Wash them and put them in a stew pot. You can put some rock sugar appropriately. They are delicious, eaten as desserts, and can treat the body’s nervousness caused by prolonged cough.This recipe has always maintained a high reputation in the workshop. Usually, you can supplement yourself at home. This medicated diet is really a culinary delicacy. Many children never forget about it when they are sick and cough.

  3. Use bird’s nest white fungus to treat dry cough, night sweats is not difficult to medicate, that is, bird’s nest, tremella, put together in a stew pot, and simmer for an hour after adding water, you can take it, this is a relatively high value and high nutritionYes, for the treatment of dry cough, and dry cough caused by lung yin deficiency, night sweats and other symptoms are very good relief, because it nourishes yin and lungs, and nourishes the lungs.

Stay away from cough, this high value medicated diet can be considered.

  4. Pork and almond soup for sore throat Because itching the throat, it is easy to irritate the cough in the bronchial throat. As a daily meal, this pork and almond soup can be used twice a day to avoid the effect of clearing the lungs and reducing phlegm.Itching works wonders because it regenerates phlegm and allows you to cough up separately.

  5. Luo Han Guo Persimmon Soup Many people like to drink some Luo Han Guo if their throat is uncomfortable. Indeed, Luo Han Guo is sweet. When the drink is drunk, the throat is good.

You may not know that Luo Han Guo can also be used as a medicated diet. Use one or half of Luo Han Guo, add three persimmons, and use three bowls of water to cook for one bowl of water. Remove the residue. It is best to drink it three times a day, of course.Add a bit of rock sugar to taste.

This medicated diet can lead to cough caused by lung fever, especially for children with day cough and it works wonders.

Away from coughing, this medicated diet is worth storing and versatile.