“You want to buy my company?50Ten thousand!give me50Ten thousand U.S. dollars,This company is yours!”Staring red eyes、Onis, the owner of the shaggy United Aircraft Lending Company, yelled at Chen Geng and Rosemary。
In Chen Geng’s view,This guy looks like a red eye,Do everything possible to find the last copper plate,The gambler who expects to come back with this last copper plate,In short,The look of a perfect red-eyed gambler。
Chen Geng has no sympathy for such an idiot,Although this idiot looks pitiful:“50Ten thousand?Why do you think your company is worth50Ten thousand?”
“Just because I just took apart a McDonnell Douglas last monthDC-7,I made a whole profit on that plane8Ten thousand U.S. dollars!Yes8Ten thousand U.S. dollars!”Onis roared to Chen Geng like a gambler who lost his eyes:“Earn for a plane8Ten thousand U.S. dollars!Can take down three airplanes a year,You made a fortune!”
McDonnell DouglasDC-7aircraft?
Chen Geng is not sureDC—7What room is it,But thinking of McDonnell Douglas’ current main aircraft:DC—9Yes65Officially started production in,There is another in frontDC—8,Then thisDC—7Obviously should be50The model developed in the years,50Developed models……It’s a propeller plane in all likelihood?
Chen Geng’s honest reply:“It sounds pretty good,But Mr. Onis,Regardless of how moist your words are,Just a little,But you are sure you can take down three in a yearDC-7?”
Onis’ face suddenly froze。
DC-7But after World War II, the United States’ first civil aviation aircraft that could fly across the United States without stopping,But most of the time, they are arranged by civil aviation companies to carry out transatlantic flights.,Although the aircraft is in service a bit early,It’s also an old piston internal combustion engine and propeller aircraft,But I don’t know how many aircraft dismantling companies are staring at such a baby,How can it be so easy to grab?McDonnell DouglasDC-7It was hard to get it。
Rosemary followed along:“Mr. Onis,We are very sincere,I don’t see where your sincerity is……You should be very clear,If you can’t reach an agreement with us soon,Your stock is about to be liquidated,Your short-term bank loan is about to expire,For you,The biggest problem right now is not to care about us,But to reverse the situation as soon as possible。”