“Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!”

Chen Xiu showed the most basic knife technique in cloud strike,I fought with Uncle Qi in an instant,Every hitting knife hits the bottom of Uncle Qi’s feet,Abruptly cracked his seven-legged offensive。
Uncle Qi and Chen Xiu met seven times,After the match,I feel like my thigh is kicking on a piece of metal,That counter-shock force made the soles of his feet aching。
Chen Xiu is really not afraid of Uncle Qi,This old guy is a generation higher than Liu Yuanming,True Qi cultivation base is not as high as Liu Yuanming,I can beat Liu Yuanming to death like a dog,Why are you afraid of him?。
930 Lose again
The person who has been silent said to the eighth grandfather Liu Ling:“Xiao Qi is not this kid’s opponent,You go!”
“Grandpa,Xiaoqi still has tricks that are useless,Let him back now,Inevitably hurt his face……”
“Shit face,The Liu family is dead today, one Liu Yuanming,I can’t die a seventh-level master!This kid was testing Xiao Qi’s combat power just now,He wants to kill,Ten tricks Xiaoqi can’t stop!”
Liu Ling was shocked,Unexpectedly, my grandfather would have such a high evaluation of Chen Xiu。But he knows his grandfather’s cultivation base,I even dare not peek Chen Xiu。
“Eight Uncle,I……”
“Let you back down!”