“Twenty six years old,My home is in this city,Armed Forces Compound“Li Xiaomei said softly。

Xia Jianyi listen,Sit up straight,He smiled and said:“Armed Forces Compound,I am very familiar!Isn’t the seventh middle school right there??Can’t make it,We are still alumni“
“I know you“Li Xiaomei said,Raised his head。
Xia Jian surprised,Hurriedly asked:“you know me?“
Li Xiaomei smiled and said:“I’m in Class 4 of Grade One,You are in class four,The classrooms of our two classes happen to face the door,Did you forget“
Xia Jian patted his head,I just remembered,Li Xiaomei is really good,The classrooms of their two classes are indeed door-to-door,But he can’t remember Li Xiaomei,No impression at all,It is very likely that she is the reason for the lower grade。
Talk to alumni,Xia Jian is full of energy,He asked with a smile:“When did you recognize me?“
“First day at work,As soon as i see you,I feel familiar,Think carefully,Just remembered,When did you go to high school,People look honest,But there are many things,Often interact with people outside the school,It seems you are still because of a girl,Fight with others and jealous,Expelled from school“When Li Xiaomei said this,Very low sound pressure,As if afraid of others hearing。
Xia Jian laughed loudly:“You’re right,We are all,Now that you recognize me,Why not say hello?Anyway,Everyone has read in a school”
“I thought you were bigger,Don’t want to recognize me,Deliberately pretending not to know,So I just avoid you”Let’s start,Li Xiaomei gets more and more energetic,It’s not like Xia Jian thought,She is so courageous。
Two people talk about the seventh middle school,Just talked forever,Although it is chatting,Xia Jian discovered from the side,Li Xiaomei is steady,Speak fluently,Strong logical thinking,It seems that Mu Rong Sisi has a good vision。
This chat,Talked for more than two hours,Xia Jianyi looked at his watch,I immediately turned the topic and asked:“What do you think of Mu Rong Sisi,I’m talking about her management level,Of course it also includes her handling of interpersonal relations”
Li Xiaomei smiled and said:“Manager Mu Rong is good,No selfishness in the first line,And the business ability is particularly strong,She talked about some business,And for other salesmen,We admire her for this”
First0243chapter Hidden village
“I want to ask you,Before you come here,Where to work?Which line did you do,Can you talk?”Xia Jian changed the topic,He wants to see if this Li Xiaomei is really talented。
Li Xiaomei took a breath,A little embarrassed to say:“I graduated from high school,Admitted to a college,The result was allocated to the city supply and marketing cooperative,Laid off last year,I found a job here”