Chen Xiu doesn’t know what Gu Hua’s thoughts are,Anyway, after returning home, I looked at the 21 million extra on the account,My heart is happy,Smile very brightly。

It made him so excited that he couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night。
The phone rang early in the morning,Chen Xiu hung up the phone and stuffed it under the pillow without even looking.,Not more than thirty seconds,The phone rings again。
“Who hates?”
Take a look at the phone from under the pillow,It was actually from Li Yingying,Hurry up,Li Yingying’s angry voice came from the phone,
“Chen Xiu,You ate leopard gall,Dare you refuse my call。”
“Do not……Is not,”Chen Xiu’s eyes rolled,You don’t need to blurt out a lie without drafting:“goddess,How dare i not answer your call,The phone was dead just now,I am now risking the explosion of my phone,Talk to you while charging。”
“Pearls are not so real。”
“……Count you,Forgive you once,correct,Are you free tonight?”
“goddess,Are you dating me?”