China to restore the lawful seat of the United Nations 50th anniversary photo exhibition in Geneva to show the Chinese contribution

  Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, November 4 (Reporters Chen Junxia and Nie Xiaoyang) – "To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China to restore the lawful seat of the United Nations" was held at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Palais des Nations exhibition from 2 to 9, the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva Navarro Waya , Chinese Ambassador to the UN Office at Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland Li Song and charge d’affaires, Permanent Representative of dozens of countries on the 4th jointly visited the exhibition. The exhibition theme of "Locally Colored, peace to the future", organized by the Permanent United Nations Office at Geneva, Chinese and other international organizations delegations of Switzerland, and the United Nations Office at Geneva Xinhua News Agency jointly. Precious high-definition video exhibition by Xinhua News Agency broadcast 50 years, demonstrating an important role in safeguarding the "UN Charter" in world peace and development, China has made unremitting efforts to show the United Nations to achieve the ideals and human development progress and important contribution.

  Li Song said that 50 years, China has made world peace builders, contributors to global development, international order and public defenders product providers. Looking to the future, China will continue to unswervingly take the road of multilateralism, the international system in order to maintain the core of the United Nations, international peace and development and actively contribute their wisdom and strength.

  Cannavaro Waya After watching the exhibition, said she was glad to see this exhibition under way to hold the line.

China has made great achievements in the past 50 years, these images reflect the real cause of China’s participation in the United Nations moving story.

She stressed that, now more than ever the world needed more multilateralism, multilateralism can really only cope with global challenges, and China can play an important role in this regard. Geneva, Permanent Representative of Israel Shahar said that China’s contribution over the past 50 years, the global multilateral system made impressive. China is deeply involved in all aspects of the work of the United Nations, tireless efforts on more global issues are very important for everyone. Geneva, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to Hashemi said that, as the picture shows, China not only to their own people out of extreme poverty, but also through "along the way" solidly and other initiatives to help other developing countries, the spread of prosperity. Envoys to visit many countries have indicated that, 50 years ago, China actively participates in global governance and practice of multilateralism, to world peace and development in China continues to provide wisdom and experience of China, expect China to continue to play an important role in international affairs.

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