Different gold combinations for different skin moisturizing in winter

Different gold combinations for different skin moisturizing in winter

Skin is like human beings, it will be more healthy and charming with vitality.

In winter, the skin is dry and lacks luster, and often gathers dry and lifeless, so the beauty is lost.

The beauty of MM will make every effort to do deep moisturizing work on the skin, but in fact, different skins have different points, even if it is the same moisturizing work, it is not the same as the same method!

In this issue, I recommend the gold moisturizing combination suitable for different skin types to everyone MM?
From autumn to winter, the weather suddenly dried, and MM’s skin felt tight and uncomfortable.

This is due to the rapid evaporation of skin moisture and lack of moisture in the stratum corneum of the skin.

Even so, the skin is often inelastic, dull and weak.

Therefore, deep and long-lasting moisturization is essential in winter.

But the moisturizing work is not “one thousand people”!

The same is 1?
Continuously intensively moisturizing and maintaining for 2 weeks, or every 2?
Apply the mask with a high moisturizing mask once every 3 days, and the effect of moisturizing choices for specific skin will never be the same . Moisturizing gold combination 1: Normal, dry skin MM must see when the skin’s metabolism becomesDelayed, the sebum produced by the sebum film will gradually decrease; coupled with various external stimuli, the intercellular substance gradually decreases, and the loss of water forms a dry fact.

The skin loses moisture, and everyone feels like an apple without water. It is no longer novel and attractive. For example, in winter, it is more appropriate for normal and dry skin.

At this time, it is necessary to replenish the skin with energy and nutrients anytime, anywhere, and it is also an effective method to delay skin aging.

  Gold Combination: Deep Hydrating Facial Cleanser + Hydrating Repair + Sensitive Hydrating Facial Mask Recommended Product: Elizabeth Arden Moisturizing Ultra Cleansing Lotion (180 yuan / 130ml) + Anna Su Liu Golden Age Special Extraordinary Moisturizing Essence (320 yuan / 35ml) + Biotherm Hot SpringsWater element mask (525 yuan / 6 photos) Moisturizing gold combination 2: Oily, mixed skin MM must look strict Winter skin and skin performance will decrease, and the effect of sebaceous glands and sweat glands will become weaker.

However, for oily and healing skin, this season will be less troublesome, but it is still mixed.

Listen to good news first or bad news first?

The good news is that due to the severe cold weather, the oil content in the skin will be lost from the skin surface, and the oil content on the skin surface will be reduced, making your skin look much firmer.

The bad news is that the dryness of the skin is severe and the elasticity is poor due to dry weather.

Therefore, the way to maintain your skin in winter is to replenish the skin with enough water.

  Golden combination: a cleansing milk + a serum that can rejuvenate cells and promote skin’s hydration + recommended maintenance lotion: Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrition Cleansing Milk (280 yuan) + HR Hydrating Cream (580 yuan) + Lancome Anti-WrinkleSkin tightening dual-effect maintenance lotion (745 yuan) Moisturizing gold combination III: Sensitive skin MM must see skin The reason for skin allergies is because some of the cosmetics irritate skin cells, which causes skin cells to develop antibodies, which causes allergiesthe reason.

Although it’s cold, sensitive skin has little to hinder except for a little dryness.

It can be dry and dry, and a thin layer of crack-like scales or erythema can still be attached to the surface of the skin, with occasional scratches.

That’s right, the itching of your skin can be a major problem for you.

Therefore, we have to choose a soft soothing skin care product and let the skin drink water slowly.

  黄金组合:含丰富养分的舒缓洁面乳+平和自然面霜+柔和无刺激的养分面膜推荐产品:欧敏肤舒缓洁面乳(165元/ 200ml)+优色林银杏焕颜醒肤晚霜(358元 / 50ml) + SK-II Nutrient Mask (660 yuan / 6 sheets)