5th NBA Live Video Clippers vs Grizzlies Air City vs Black and White

5th NBA Live Video Clippers vs Grizzlies Air Connect City vs Black and White
At 8 am Beijing time on November 5th, the Los Angeles Clippers will go away to challenge the Memphis Grizzlies, Paul will play against Mr. Conley, and the inside combination of Jordan and Griffin will encounter the Grizzlies again.The black and white double sha will be live video of the game.Clippers vs. Grizzlies online live viewing address: click to enter the Clippers to challenge the Grizzlies tomorrow tomorrow: Paul is dissatisfied with the Clippers after the start of the new season, the Clippers first achieved a wave of three consecutive victories, but in the game, the faceAgainst the Thunder led by Westbrook, they eventually lost the ball.Although there are Griffin and Jordan, the Clippers inside protection, especially the protection of defensive rebounds, remains the same.Against the Thunder, they lost 11 opponents in rebounding.  With Chris Paul, the Clippers should have done better in controlling errors.But in the last game, the Clippers made 17 turnovers and Paul made 5 turnovers alone.  I think the most shocking thing for me is the mistakes, especially my job is to organize the team’s offense. We made mistakes at the crucial moment of the game.There is no such thing as defeat in the world. One thing I can say is that our biggest problem now is offensive, especially the attack of our starters.I will watch the video when I go back, but I am frustrated with my mistakes, mistakes in the fast break, out of bounds, and mistakes at the last critical moment.  The Grizzlies have not experienced a winning streak or a losing streak since the start of the new season. In the last game, they struggled overtime and defeated the Pelicans with Anthony Davis.In that game, Little Gasol felt cold, only 3 of 18 shots. For his condition, Little Gasol also showed a basket after the game was added, and the locked picture, please workThe personnel went off the court to remove the equipment from the rim, thank you.Expected starting for both parties: Clippers: Griffin, Jordan Jr., Bamote, Redick, Paul Grizzlies: Jay Michael Green, Conley, Ennis, Gasol Jr., Tony Allen