this means,Leo can’t stop that claw!

Leo ignored Green Bull,Just panting,Adjust breath,Ready to meet。
The repeated scene appears again,Leo is still swept away,Then the corners of the mouth keep bleeding。
Once was a minor injury,But accumulated time and time again,Leo will be seriously injured。
Another continuous attack,This time, the corners of Leo’s mouth are no longer bloody.,But started coughing up blood。
“Certainly possible,Certainly possible!”
From beginning to end,Leo’s grasp on Yuege hasn’t changed,Even when it is knocked off,Leo clung to the moon song。
“I can already control the sword thoroughly,If you want to go further, it is the unity of human and sword!”
If it was the big sharp knife before,Leo has been able to achieve the unity of man and sword。
It’s just that he thinks that big sharp knife is not his food,Not fit him enough,So I have been suppressing my own perception of the sword,Did not step into the realm of human sword integration with that big sharp knife。
But he holds the moon song in his hand,He thinks he can step into the realm of human and sword unity。
If seen by other swordsmen,I must feel that Leo has a problem with his brain,I want to achieve the unity of man and sword,That is the battle between man and sword time and time again,Things that can only be achieved by constant mutual sharpening。
And Leo got the Moon Song in only half a day,I actually want to be able to achieve the unity of man and sword?
but,Others understand,Leo naturally understands。
He is not crazy,He thinks it is really possible to become one with Yuege in a short time。
He has accumulated a lot of insights about the sword before,Even if it’s not for Yuege,But it still works。
and so,What he lacks is the tacit understanding and trust with the knife in his hand。