Xia Jian said quickly:“I’ll be there in a while,You wait”

Hang up the phone,Xia Jian took out the key to Da Ben and gave it to Tong Jie,Then whispered to her:“You can say hello to the newly appointed Secretary Lu!I am also on a business trip。Of course,You can’t tell the truth,How to say,It’s up to you“
Two people talking,So we went on Xia Jian’s big run together。Tong Jie is also welcome,Sit in the driving seat and say:“Watch,Haven’t opened for a long time”
Tong Jie is actually a humble statement,Her car is very stable,And it’s not slow。Two people talking,I didn’t think I arrived at Pingdu Railway Station。
In order not to let Zhao Chunling see that Xia Jian was coming here,Tong Jie ran to a halt when he was one or two hundred meters away from the train station。Xia Jian said when he got off the car:“Slow down,Then he opened the door and jumped down。
Until Xia Jian disappeared in the train station crowd,Tong Jie drove and ran back。
In the ticket hall,Xia Jian saw where Li Hulin and his cousin were standing,He hurriedly walked over and said:“How did you come?”
“We both came by motorcycle,Buy a ticket now!”Li Hulin said,Then quietly stuffed the contents in Xia Jian’s hands。
At this moment,A tall girl came over,Really good,Beige trench coat,White jeans,Two beautiful legs are really slender。Take a closer look,Two big beautiful eyes are piercing on the white face。
“Cousin!Is it him?”The girl pointed to Xia Jian and asked Li Hulin。
Li Hulin nodded,Whispered:“He belongs to our village,You better take him well,But you still have to listen to him on some things,He is older than you after all,Rich social experience“
“This is my sister Zhao Chunling,Pretty!Did I not lie to you”Li Hulin’s cousin said to Xia Jian with a smile,It seems that the beauty of his sister is already his pride。
Xia Jian hurriedly said with a smile:“Brother is sincere,Really didn’t lie to me,Your girl is really pretty”When Xia Jian said this,,The eyes floated a little, Zhao Chunling。
Zhao Chunling squinted and Xia Jian said:“Hurry up and buy twoGLTrain ticket,Don’t stand silly,Ten o’clock car,If we run out of tickets, don’t we have to go back again。I give you money”Zhao Chunling said,So he opened the small bag,Ready to give Xia Jian money。
Xia Jianyi listen,Turn around and leave,He walked and said:“Don’t worry about money,I will cushion you”
This season,Neither is the tourist season,It’s not the best time to go out to work,So there are not many people at the ticket office of the train station,Not much time,I bought two train tickets。