what a pity。

Lady is injured,need to have a rest。
Otherwise, it’s not bad for Li Yunzi to unify Rui Guo。
Rui Guo is one of the countries that adhere to the slave system,If you don’t have a king, you can be a backing,Rui Guo has already reaped the consequences。
There is also no country in the world that manufactures and trades slaves。
First218chapter Recruiting son-in-law autumn festival
Zhu Men、Jianzong still has the right to speak in the Ji Ting Dynasty。
Early next morning,There is an army dispatched from Long River City,Took over the city of stele,And began to thoroughly investigate the matter of Beicheng。
as expected,Not just slaves,Some business travelers migrating from afar,Also suffer,In the city lord’s mansion, it is obvious that the missing reporter files are piled up like a mountain,The city lord and officials put it on hold。
If these people have no deal with Wumujiao,No one would believe it。
For a time,All the mercenaries in Beicheng were also detained by the army,Accept strict inspection,If some of the slaves are of unknown origin,Or apparently looted citizens,Then all operators of the commission were beheaded and executed on the spot,Never tolerate!
Doing this kind of business,More or less tainted with human trafficking,Can’t stand the investigation。