The Chinese Women’s Very in Osaka held a Chinese women’s volleyball team won the 40th anniversary of the world champion in Osaka, Japan

Sun Jinfang (left), Yang Xi (left), Zhao Rui Rui (right) online attended the commemoration.

The organizers were allowed to capture the world champion main players Sun Jinfang.

Behind the "devil" training behind "from strict, from actual combat, big exercise", the heart is the mission of hard work, in the face of strength, the strong opponent dare to fight, the wind is tenacious, behind the people of the whole country "10,000 people Watch the firm support of the woman’s row.

After retiring, as a member of the Chinese women’s volleyball, the female row is like a banner, guiding us to continue to contribute to the development of national sports in their respective fields.

"Gold Generation" Chinese women’s volleyball team said Zhao Rui said that 40 years ago, the predecessors of the women’s volleyball team struggled, and Yongchuang Jiao was girrheated by the women’s volleyball team, let the women’s volleyball team wearing the national team’s robes feel unpleasant, each generation of women’s volleyball girl shoulder The heavy responsibility of inheriting and carrying forward the spirit of women’s volleyball team, continues to practice women’s volunteers in the international competition and constantly give it a new time value. Witness the female row of women’s volleyball team "Iron" fans said that the moment of the Chinese children’s strong national self-confidence and pride were raised.

The Rise of Chinese Women’s volleyball team and the reform and opening up.

In the early 1980s, China was in China. The women’s volleyball teams are self-confident in the world. When they face the spiritual realm of strong hands and struggle, they insist on the spirit of dreams, bring confidence in the people, bringing courage, bringing spiritual pillars. .

Osaka Prefecture, Ji Village, Congratulations on the first time, the 40th anniversary of the World Championship was successfully held.

He said that in 1981, the women’s volleyball World Cup held in Osaka has still been a good memory incentives to motivate many people. As a Government of Osaka, I am honored.

Subsequently, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship in the World Championships and the Olympics, and I have a deep good results. I respect this.

In the future, Osaka Prefecture will be based on local levels and enrich the form of exchange, and promote greater development to Hua friendly cooperation.