Changsha County Xianglong Street: "Red Manager" Mediation Office has won "open the door" on the first day

People’s Network Changsha, November 15th

salute! "Recently, Changsha County Xianglong Street, the" Red Manager "mediation room was formally established. On the first day, the first day of the establishment of the car rental dispute was successfully mediated, ushered in the mediation work" opening the door ", and got a bit of the parties. Recently, home live Chen Juan, the veteran family of Wangcheng District, Changsha City, found the community to seek help, and the end of November 2020 and signed a "new energy vehicle operation contract" in Central South Auto Parts City, and the rental period, the vehicle often failed, Seriously affecting the normal operation, both parties have also negotiated many times, have not been effectively resolved.

After the "Red Manager" mediation, immediately went to Xinmao Automobile Service Co., Ltd., on November 10th, the "Red Manager" mediation room of Xiangman (Red Manager "is based on the party building alliance, and the advantage of" red housekeeper ". Linkage of Xianglong Judicial Institute, Xianglong Market Supervision, organized everyone to face to face, and finally engage in hand, and satisfied with the name of the mediation agreement. According to reports, the "Red Manager" mediation room of Xiangman and Trade Community is a practice in the Xianglong Street in-depth promotion of "Party Construction Polygonator Secretary", give full play to the role of grassroots party construction, build "party building + mediation" mode, through sound improvement of contradiction disputes Trimming mechanism and diverse resolution mechanism, establish a street community, judicial office, police station, municipal supervision office and party and party building alliance unit joint meeting system, choose excellent party members as mediation "and matters", relying on party members, social workers, volunteers For community residents, market merchants provide free consultation, legal aid guidance, resolve contradiction disputes, etc. Gravily governance level.

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