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Women are really different from women.

Lan Jingyi is a living example.
"Don’t let it affect Chiang’s family because of me. Never." In that case, she is really sorry.
"It’s okay. I’ll take care of the real thing. I already know it. It’s just to see grandpa’s face. Let’s go to grandpa’s for the children’s birthday."
"Good," she replied lightly. I’m glad he broke up. He can say whatever he wants like a friend. He’s still a friend after breaking up.
"I’m sorry" lightly said that he hung up, but she was very sad when she listened to the words. Who is she who is really sorry?
It wasn’t him. It wasn’t him who killed dad.
After work, Lan Jingyi took her things and left the office on time. This is her last day. When she goes out, she will never come again. Suddenly she can’t bear to leave, but she has to leave.
We agreed to lead the department to dinner. Several people took a taxi and went to the commotion. She still likes it there. If she wants to drink, the first choice is definitely that she can’t go there enough.
Small car a few people crowded together Xiao Zhang on her shoulder "blue manager really loathe to give up you, can you not go? As soon as you left the guest house, it became a place to answer calls every day. It was a real chat. "
"No, it will get better and better." She patted the back of Zhang’s hand, but she didn’t want to get along with her colleagues for a long time. But it’s boring to stay in this world until it comes to an end. It’s embarrassing for her to meet Jiang Junyue again and again. Besides, He Ling and Jiang Hanyu don’t want them to be together again.
Now she finally wants to know why Bai Heling and Jiang Hanyu were so opposed to marrying Jiang Junyue. It turned out that she had done something ulterior to her father, but why did she push her father into the sea? She still doesn’t know the answer
Can someone tell her?
She wants to ask Jiang Junyue, but she knows that everything should be done step by step. When the time comes, Jiang Junyue will definitely say it.
Even if she doesn’t say it sometimes, it’s good for her, but she’d rather she didn’t know that dad was so little and painful
Also in the same city, it seems that everyone smells him, but she can’t meet him at a distance.
Drinking and singing, she indulges herself to forget everything, but the more she tries to forget, the more she can’t forget it.
Open your eyes and close your eyes. It’s all that man.
Section 127
"Manager Lan, you and the president are really a match made in heaven. Why do you want to break up?" When Xiao Zhang drinks too much, he can’t help but say whatever he wants.
桑拿会所"I won’t tell you," she smiled. Maybe she didn’t want others to know the reason.
"I really don’t understand what you and the president have given birth to for him, and he will abandon you?"
Tears flowed involuntarily. She listened to the box full of love songs as if every sentence was sung to her. It seemed so sad. "Xiao Zhang, don’t talk nonsense. He didn’t abandon me, but we can’t be together."
"What can’t together? If he didn’t betray you, if you didn’t betray him, you should be together. He can’t say why for any reason. "Xiao Zhang shouted a glass of wine but couldn’t cover up the noisy music. It’s like her business. No matter how much she loves him, they are doomed not to be together.
Drinking and singing are really enjoyable.
It was already early in the morning when the party was over, and several people made a commotion. Lan Jingyi hit a taxi and rushed back to the small apartment. This night really ended everything completely.
But the taxi stopped before it reached the gate of the community. "Miss, I’m really sorry that my car broke down."
"Nothing." She raised her head and burped, and then she pulled out a pink Dong Dong and handed it to the driver for the first time. "Keep the change."
But she will be silly when she waits for the bus.
It’s raining
In the early spring, she didn’t feel anything in the car, or she couldn’t see anything in her eyes
She didn’t even know that the window was wet by the rain.
Staggering to the door of the community, my clothes are getting wet and sticky, and it’s hard to feel close to my body.
An umbrella was suddenly raised above her head. "Be careful not to catch a cold in the rain."
"Not from …" She turned to look at the side of the man suddenly couldn’t hold back and cried on his shoulder. "Not from … Not from …"
He hugged her and walked forward, and soon entered the community, passed through the rain and fog and came to her door. "Press the Jingyi password yourself, go home and change clothes, or you won’t be a good mother if you catch a cold and dye the children."
She sobbed and straightened up. "Thank you."
"Click" that’s the camera sound. Lan Jingyi saw his side facing himself and Jane’s photo from the shoulder. Yin Qing’s softness somehow turned out to be a cold heart. "Don’t shoot me and Jiang Junyue. You and she can do whatever you like. You don’t have to try your best to take photos of me and Jane." What she called herself was that she didn’t want Jane to get involved. She was a little drunk, but she wasn’t confused.
"LanJingYi you shameless" eyes suddenly flashed Yin Qing soft hand toward LanJingYi face waved up somehow Yin Qing soft face some distortion …
The hand swung quite fast and caught people off guard.
"Yi Yi …" Jane moved away from her body, and "Bang", a muffled sound and a slap severely hit Jane away from her head, which made her face not too ugly. She reached out and caught Yin Qing’s soft hand. "Miss Yin, please respect yourself."
Lan Jingyi was really angry. When she didn’t provoke Yin Qing, it was also true that she and Jiang Junyue really ended. She even said that she and Jiang Junyue could do whatever they wanted. Is she so wrong?
"Yin Qing soft you really make me look down on you. With you, you don’t deserve Jiang Junyue’s love for you. It’s also doomed to law. He has to leave us. Don’t care about hitting her like crazy. I think my hands are dirty." Lan Jingyi finished and went to pull Jane’s small apartment. She really didn’t want to pay attention to Yin Qing’s crazy behavior
"Crazy … haha, I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. You’re talking nonsense. I’m not … I’m not …" But I don’t want Lan Jingyi to start crying hysterically in the corridor before Yin Qing is soft. The sound and the expression are weird. "I’m not … I’m not crazy .."
Lan Jingyi didn’t pay attention to Jane, but she didn’t want to go into the small apartment. But after being pulled by Lan Jingyi, she didn’t want to see Yin Qingrou again, so she involuntarily entered the small apartment.
Chapter 21 innocent girl
"I have to sit with you" took his umbrella and it was full of water. She shook it and put it in her hands to get coffee. He liked coffee before college.
"Yi Yi, go change clothes and get it again." I want to leave, but I’m afraid I’ll bump into Yin Qing as soon as I go out, and I’ll continue to sit down.
"It’s okay. It’ll be ready soon. Don’t mind," she said. She had already made a cup and handed it to him.
"No," he took a sip of the hot air. "Go and change."
"Well, I’ll go." Lan Jingyi turned and went into the bedroom to find a dry home. She changed out. Jane was still sitting on the sofa. Coffee smoke was misty. There was a moment around him that his or her eyes were not real
"Do you have any plans recently?" Well, he spoke and broke the dreamy feeling.
"Taobao was sold well before my store, but it’s a pity that I didn’t manage it well. I didn’t come back until late to deliver the goods. I have to manage it well during the day, so I can answer the customer’s questions well, hehe."
"Yiyi went to my company to help." Jane took the coffee again but didn’t drink it. Instead, she gently blew the fog and continued to drift around him, leaving Lan Jingyi in a trance for a moment as if they were back in college. At that time, he was her senior and she was his junior. He said, "Yiyi, let’s fall in love."
The past haunts her like a beautiful painting, so beautiful.
She looked at his eyes and almost blurted out "good", so she could walk into his world again. But what can she do? She is not alone now. She is strong and strong. "I want to spend some time with the children. My mother has taken care of her all by herself."
"Well, come to me whenever you want to work, Yiyi. I will always wait for you to come." Jane got up and was ready to leave. It was too late.