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The night is deep

Jiang Junyue is in the clubhouse. He has no idea what happened in Vasolen.
He has always been uneasy about playing cards for a month. He always feels as if something is wrong, but no matter how hard he tries, he can’t find out what is wrong. Although he has been lazy to take care of the company recently, all the employees of the company are still in good order. That’s because he manages well. He doesn’t work hard with his hands.
It’s the only bad luck to lose for several days in a row.
At four o’clock in the morning, he played the last deck of cards, and then the table was scattered.
Jiang Junyue walked lazily to the gate of Fantian Club with long legs. Recently, He Ling was very quiet and never clamored for him to go on a blind date. He wished his ears were quiet, but it was really quiet, but he felt as if something was strange.
I can’t figure out what it is.
The black Lamborghini really should have changed this time. This time, the woman asked him to change cars, but even he didn’t know what he had been driving for nearly a year.
April is a good time in the city, and the climate is neither too hot nor too cold.
Jiang Junyue wore a long trench coat with black lining, and he was handsome and aggressive. Every gesture and gesture exuded a noble king’s spirit, and he walked towards his car.
Half-secretly, my eyes are in the car, but there seems to be something flashing, as if someone is moving.
But that’s his car. It’s right. Why would anyone be there?
Jiang Junyue suddenly all the people were on guard, and there was no hesitation in his footsteps, as if nothing had been found. blazing with anger stared at his car.
That figure is still shaking
桑拿会所Jiang Junyue’s pace is getting faster and faster. If he has the courage to get into his car, he must have the courage to bear his cruelty. At this moment, he is a little puzzled. Who can easily get into his car?
It’s almost there.
Jiang Junyue directly rushed to the front of the car door and flashed quickly. At the same time, he was ready for protection. After opening the door, he slammed a hand knife and split it toward the black shadow.
"Ah …" He moved too fast, and when the man reacted, he was already hit hard, which also shocked Jiang Junyue. "Lomewei, how do you drive?" Slowly let go of another hand, Jiang Junyue, and stared at Lomewei in the car.
As soon as he asked, he regretted it, because now he wants to know that Lomevi opened the door with the car key, and who else but He Ling will be the one who asked Lomevi for the car key?
"It really hurts," Lomevi rubbed his head. "I must have been concussed by you."
Lome EU muttered, but Jiang Junyue was shocked for the second time after opening the car door. This time, it was not because of Lome EU, but because she was holding a dignified and strong little thing in her arms.
In the middle of the night, he felt that the little thing was familiar. "Giggle …" The little thing smiled and opened its mouth, but it looked as cute as it looked. "Where are the children?"
"Born Bai" Lome EU gave Jiang Junyue a white look "Come and show you", and she said, she moved in and called Jiang Junyue to get out of the car, and Jiang Junyue felt as if he had been dragged by the big eyes of that child, so he got into the car involuntarily with those eyes, although it was his own car, but he was sitting in the back seat, which was unique.
He stretched out his hand and pressed it to turn on the lights in the car. At first, the big eyes of the child began to turn around. "Giggle … Giggle … Dad … Dad …" Like conscious and conscious, the word "dad" made Jiang Junyi Zhang Jun’s face quickly pile up layers of seriousness. "Lome Wei, you can’t find a child who looks like me to mess with me. I don’t believe it was you." Before Lome Wei said what Jiang Junyue had already.
"Oh, you don’t believe me, but you should always believe in science. Real gold is not afraid of fire. Practice this child, and I’ll leave it to you. Do you want to toss about it? Is it blood test or dna test? Anyway, he is 100% your kind?" Lomewei said, and she stuffed the little thing into Jiang Junyue’s arms and then leaned over to push the door and got on the bus. "I’ve been tired for months. Now it’s your hard work as a father."
Lomevi really got the car.
The little thing fell into Jiang Junyue’s arms, and he stretched out his hand to throw it out. He would believe it. No, he didn’t remember Lomevi at all that night. He wouldn’t. When the woman pushed open the car door, he would throw it out and get a fake child to tie him down. Then she Lomevi was all wet.
The car door really opened and Jiang Junyue really sent the child out, but the child was small but clever. Two small hands grabbed Jiang Junyue’s left arm cuff and one grabbed Jiang Junyue’s right arm cuff. When Jiang Junyue let go, the little thing actually seemed to be doing physical exercise. The whole body hung half-way with the strength of those two small hands, but it didn’t fall to the ground and supplemented the amazing movement. To be exact, it was more like a flattering smile. That little face that resembled him smiled brilliantly, and his mouth muttered, "Dad … Dad ……
That cute little dad was hung for five seconds, and then Jiang LaCrosse reached out and fished the little thing back into his arms. Although it was the first time he saw it, he actually … didn’t hate it at all. On the contrary, how do you like it? It seems that the little thing has an innate intimacy.
Is the little thing really his kind?
But Lome Wei …
"Yueyue brother, I’ll wait for you to test our son’s dna, and then I’ll pick him up and leave. Well, he’ll leave it to you these days." Lomewei said and left without looking back.
Xiaodong Xijiang lacrosse stood upright in her arms, kicking and kicking, and Jiang lacrosse just looked at him. The more cute the child was, the more she couldn’t let go.
"giggle ….." the little guy still laughed and hurt a smile.
For a second, Jiang Junyue never recognized that laughing at a little thing was a kind of evil laugh. His chest was wet, and at the moment, there was still a water jet that was spouting and spraying. Jiang Junyue climbed over his chest and twisted until his pants were wet …
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