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Then he looked at Muchuan and said, "This grandson’s wife likes my appetite!"

Muchuan was an accident, too. He took it back from the auction a few years ago and gave it to the master. I didn’t expect this girl to study these things.
Originally, he or she was just a girl. When she saw him, she would be afraid and avoid him. There were still some confused girls, but now it seems that … more than that.
A room full of people with different minds is happy. Master Muchuan and the old lady are naturally happy, but Muyan is different. Angry almost didn’t bite her lips.
There was a flash of surprise in Mrs. Mu’s eyes, but it was fleeting.
So what if you study the law? Her baby is one in a million. How can you marry such a woman who will make him a joke? How can she deserve him? !
Thought of here, she just softened her face and went cold again.
Master and Tang Wan chatted some more, and then the old lady called people to the living room.
MuYan walk finally angry eyes staring at Tang Wan figure condescension.
Knowing the law can’t be said to be a coincidence!
A line of people sat in the living room for a while, and the food in the kitchen was almost ready, and they went to the table one after another.
After MuYan’s farce, the master and the old lady naturally became more and more fond of Tang Wan. Several people sat on the sofa and chatted happily. Tang Wan was a little nervous and gradually relaxed.
Dining table—
The dishes are rich and exquisite, and the appetite increases when you look at them, which shows that the old lady has spent her mind.
As soon as Tang Wan took a seat, the old lady enthusiastically served dishes.
After many thanks, the girl looked at the pile of dishes in front of her and was very upset …
At the beginning of her weight loss plan, this meal was not wasted.
Mu Chuan couldn’t help asking, "Not to her liking?"
Tang Wan whispered, "Nothing tastes good."
The man didn’t say anything, but silently put some meat on the table in front of her.
Tang Wan looked at the hill-like food in front of him and frowned deeper.
Section 5
This man is a picky eater. Give her meat. How much fat does this get? !
Besides, she is a little fat. Does being fat mean loving meat? ! Prejudice!
Mu Chuan couldn’t help asking again when he saw her motionless, "Are they all not to my liking?"
This time, the old lady heard that when putting chopsticks, she should call the kitchen and fry a few more she likes.
Tang Wan quickly stopped, "Don’t bother. The food is very good. It’s really no trouble!"
The old lady felt some remorse and said, "I neglected to ask you what you like to eat earlier."
Tang Wannai said, "I like it all. It’s my recent … weight loss."
All one leng obviously didn’t think it was the answer.
And then a "poof"
Someone laughed.
Everyone’s eyes are all looking at the sound source.
MuYan wiped her mouth with a towel and apologized. "I’m sorry, I’m a little surprised. After all, it’s been said outside that Miss Tang never wants to lose weight …"
MuYan sound old lady gradually cold eyes gradually low.
Master is a look scared her hurriedly bowed their heads.
The old lady said, "It’s good to lose what is graceful. It seems unhealthy to lose a thin bamboo pole."
This is the truth, but at this moment, when it is said at this time, people can’t help but recognize it as Muyan Rounding Field.
Mrs. Mu has been silent for a long time. "It’s not good to be too fat after all."
桑拿会所Tang Wan held the chopsticks tightly and then loosened them a little.
Since she was overweight, it has become a topic of discussion in the whole imperial city, and she has always felt accustomed to it, but now it is still somewhat unreasonable to say it face to face.