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"I’ve told you several times that when I’m tired of it, I’ll let you go naturally. Ask me again what it’s best to change the topic."

"I want to make a call."
"Don’t" say that finish Jiang Junyue picked up and quickly dialed a number "well, let’s stop the fixed line here in the small apartment for a while" and then hang up after the slow command "Lan Jingyi to tell the truth, I also want to thank you for saving me this fixed line. Okay, go take a shower and sleep with me."
"Get out" She reached out and pushed him. "You can’t" is not used to his sudden change. He seems to be a different person, and it makes her feel uncomfortable to look at him.
"If you change to Jane? Will you not let him go? " (Then forgive someone for being jealous.)
She really wants to let Jiang Junyue let go with the help of Jane Eyre. Wouldn’t it be contradictory if she said no at this time?
"Come on, take a shower. It’s so dirty." Jiang Junyue said, and he walked to the bedroom with a little girl, probably to get a change of pajamas.
Seeing that he entered the bedroom, Lan Jingyi immediately rushed to the door, and the door was locked inside or outside. It didn’t change at all. She opened the door quietly and turned the knocker, and the lock was still hanging outside. He really prevented her from being a thief.
But how did he come in?
Lan Jingyi carefully looked at every corner of the room and looked at it when he heard the male way behind him. "What’s the matter? I really want to know how I got in? "
"Will you tell me?" All curiosity flooded in. At this moment, Lan Jingyi especially wanted to know.
"Wait until you warm the bed for me." With that, Jiang Junyue strode into the heavy glass of Ma Yuke, where he washed his hands and washed his hands quickly. Even through the heavy glass, she can still feel the male strength that he exudes. Lan Jing Yili sat down on the carpet and hated him, but she couldn’t hate him at the moment.
But mom …
"It’s your turn" was about to draw the conclusion that the sound of God Jiang Junyue suddenly sounded, only to find that I don’t know when he had already washed his body in front of her, and his bronzed skin was dripping and only a bath towel was worn around his waist. He looked so sexy that for an instant, she felt that her body was boiling, and her eyes were fixed on him, so she couldn’t move away.
"Well, I’m not a neighbor’s Tibetan mastiff across the hall, but I don’t mind you treating me like your little girl …"
"Go to hell" Lan Jing Yi Hong has a little face, and it seems that he rushed into the bathroom and took off his clothes, and he began to flush cold water. He only loved him four times together, but she felt that she was like an old couple with him, and she was so ashamed to see him for a long time.
But when she came in after a shower, she didn’t think about staying away from him. This made the shower head realize that she had forgotten to bring her pajamas in, and Jiang Junyue didn’t leave her a damn bath towel. When he went out, he was wearing a blue view with a hand. She was a little stupid and didn’t just go out to see him, right?
Or maybe she can wear wet clothes on the floor, but isn’t this bath for nothing?
"Ka" when the door opened and Lan Jingyi reacted, bathroom door had already opened it wide. The man didn’t know when she realized that there was a black shadow outside. She reached out and blocked her chest with one hand, but her hand was too small to block it here. Jiang Junyue sneered at "Lan Jingyi, you blocked the wrong place."
"You … you go out" Lan Jingyi stammered.
"So are you going to stay inside for one night? I don’t want to if you want to. "
"Don’t," she said with a little resistance, her head hanging low, and she couldn’t wait to find a place to disappear. She was ashamed to death.
"Well, it’s like this." A big hand suddenly blocked her little face. "What can I do if I am surrounded by people and directly block my face? People can’t see who you are. It’s really a chest brain. "
Lan Jingyi’s face suddenly turned blue and red. His words are a bit small color, but when you think about it, there is still a little truth that makes her not know how to respond for a long time.
"Come on, get dressed, or I don’t mind if you come out naked like this." Jiang Junyue thrust his pajamas into her hand and turned around and walked into the bedroom with slender legs, leaving Lan Jingyi alone to wash his hands. It was neither left nor left.
Looking down at the pajamas in her hand, she finally gritted her teeth and wore Junjie, who knows the time. She didn’t want to be Junjie. She just wanted to live well.
People have a wall lamp on in the living room. Lanjingyi is awkward. To tell the truth, she still doesn’t trust Lanqing. She doesn’t trust Jane.
The bedroom door was half open to expose the bed, and she didn’t blink at the man’s legs. After all, she compromised, and there was nothing she could do but talk to him.
Section 33
Little step reluctantly walked into the bed and looked down at the bed. The man still had a towel around his waist, but the towel seemed to be loose at any time. "I want to meet my mother early in the morning."
"Yes, but on one condition."
"What conditions?" Her eyes are bent and her little face is full of expectation.
Jiang Junyue ticked his finger at her. "Come and warm the bed for Xiao Ye. I’ll take you to see your mother long ago if it’s not warm."
Some people just have that ability. He is lying down and she is asleep, but even if she is higher than him, she still can’t suppress his aura. "How about another condition?"
Jiang Junyue picked his eyes. "It’s ok to change it, but it’s only one. If you don’t want to talk about it."
"You said" LanJingYi teeth hate him, hate him.
"Give me the medicine, but gently." Jiang Junyue said, raising his arm to her. "You have to give me the medicine at the injured place."
Lan Jingyi’s eyes fell on his wrist, where she left a row of teeth marks and was washed by water. At this time, there was a redness and swelling, which looked a bit horrible. She was a little distressed and wanted to avoid the sidewalk "Okay, I promise."
Jiang Junyue blinked. "Really agreed?"
"Well," what she did, she was naturally responsible, but it was just medicine.
"Ok, that’s it. I have medicine on the table."
spa会所It was Jiang Junyue’s remark that Lan Jingyi saw the small medicine bottle on the bedside table and sat down on the bed. He picked up his arm and put it on his thigh, carefully smeared the ointment, and then took the band-aid and moved it carefully from beginning to end for fear that he would hurt.