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Chapter 51 Gentle remedy

There was a quiet atmosphere in the quiet apartment, and just when two people were having sex together, the smell was so rich that Lan Jingyi frowned.
But at this moment, she has exhausted all her strength, and it is difficult to move.
The sun shines warmly into the room, but she feels cold. She hates that man. He is incredibly strong.
It took about five minutes for Lan Jingyi to hold up her arms and sit up and stumble out of bed. She wanted to leave, which made her hate the tiny apartment. She hated Jiang Junyue.
However, the door that could go out was unlocked, but to her surprise, Jiang Junyue actually locked a lock outside, and that lock was to lock her.
Sitting down on the carpet, Lan Jingyi began to wake up. At this moment, she had to face up to herself and Jiang Junyue.
He should not marry himself because he wants her to be his woman.
品茶论坛And she would never be a man’s lover. That would be unbearable for her.
I remembered the first time and compared it with the second time. Finally, Lan Jingyi got over it. The first time, she owed him once. Now, after this second time, they just paid off. From then on, she owed him money.
Confused and thinking, I don’t know when the door opened and fresh air floated in. Lan Jingyi was picked up. She smelled the familiar smell of the man and couldn’t help saying, "What are you doing again?"
"Wash and order medicine" Low-soft man, when he carried her into washing hands, she finally opened her eyes. The man in clothes made her unable to see his body, but his face and neck were scratched one after another. "Did you buy medicine? Go like this? "
"Silly, I wore sunglasses." I held her in one hand and pulled out a pair of super ink from my pocket with one hand. "Well, that’s it, remember?"
As soon as the tears came out, they flowed down the cheeks and into the corners of the lips, which meant that when she first met him, he was wearing this ultra-ink. Of course she remembered.
"What’s the matter?" He unscrewed the tap and spilled warm water into the bathtub. He put her in before he got rid of his clothes.
"Jiang Junyue, you bastard" has soft legs, but Lan Jingyi can’t get up, but her hand is moving and waving at Jiang Junyue. "I hate you. I hate you to death."
"Ha ha, hate it, hate you again. You are also my woman." The overbearing smile was already naked, and Jiang LaCrosse stepped into the bathtub and immediately picked up Lan Jingyi and sat on his thigh.
Lan Jingyi gently closed her eyes and leaned against Jiang Junyue’s chest. The picture in the bathroom was strange to the extreme. She also wanted to struggle and escape from Jiang Junyue’s arms, but she knew the result before she acted.
For one thing, she has been severely overdrawn, but she can’t beat him and he can’t outrun him.
Secondly, it has been strengthened, hasn’t it? Is it necessary for her to be melodramatic at this time?
Lan Jingyi lazily leaned against Jiang Junyue and let him lift the water inch by inch to wash her body.
Can it not hurt when water passes from time to time? She is covered with large and small bruises everywhere, either scratched by Jiang Junyue or accidentally injured herself in entanglement.
Shi Jiangjun is not much better. Her hands are heavier than his. It must hurt to see him sitting in the water with a fresh red wound, but it’s all her from head to tail.
People’s hearts are made of meat. Thinking of what his mother did, Lan Jingyi felt a very complicated emotion in her heart. She couldn’t explain why she didn’t pester her until the man’s hand fell on the root of her thigh. "What are you doing?"
"Don’t move, wash it clean, Shu" is gentle and gentle, and it is gentler than Lanqing in memory, so that Lanjingyi can’t help but unload her heart.
Slender fingers and soft, slowly pulling Lan Jingyi’s place, but what she felt at this moment was not the taste of lust but a warm care.
After "Hua" washed her last place, Jiang LaCrosse walked out of the bathtub and walked into the bedroom with a bath towel to wipe her body. Unfortunately, because of his wet body, he usually wiped it here and there and got wet.
Ok, he wrapped her in a blanket again, and when he put her to bed gently, she was very tired. Lan Jingyi really wanted to sleep. She was so sleepy and tired.
After standing and staring at Lan Jingyi for five seconds, Jiang LaCrosse suddenly got an extra bottle in his hand as if by magic. He unscrewed a mint fragrance and floated in the room. He unfolded Lan Jingyi’s blanket, but when he wanted to separate Lan Jingyi’s legs, he was unexpectedly resisted by Lan Jingyi. "Don’t … Don’t touch there."
Jiang Junyue looked down through the narrow gap and saw the faint redness, swelling and stabbing pain. It was a long time since I felt it. "Don’t be afraid that it won’t be strong again. If you don’t like it, I won’t touch your good medicine."
Perhaps it was his hypnotic sound that relieved her tension, or perhaps it was his words that made her feel at ease. In the end, Lan Jingyi was as good as a bathtub, or Jiang Junyue drugged her.
Lan Jingyi finally closed her eyes and went to sleep quietly when Qinliang ointment was applied and the burning pain subsided quietly.
Sleeping, she has been dreaming, one is Liu Wentao, the other is Jiang Junyue, and her mother and Liu Xiaoqi can’t stop changing pictures. In the dream, she wants to catch Lan Qing, but she can’t catch "Mom … Mom …" Whispering that her forehead has been beaded with layers of fine sweat.
The body was wrapped in a warm embrace, and finally Lan Jingyi slept soundly.
Thick fragrance wafted to the nose and woke up. After a whole day’s sleep, Lan Jingyi opened her eyes and found that she had never slept in the bed in the original small apartment, but it was so ironic to sleep in this bed at this moment. But where did Lan Jingyi jump out of bed? She was about to get angry when she was wearing clothes before. A set of casual shirts came into her eyes, and Chanel, a woman, was limited to spread out. There was even a set of black underwear inside. I didn’t expect Jiang Junyue to be so cautious.
Carefully pushed open the door and looked at the man in front of the dining table. The white shirt cuff was rolled up slightly. If it wasn’t for seeing it with my own eyes, Lan Jingyi couldn’t believe that a man who loves cleanliness like that would go to the kitchen. Lan Jingyi hesitated whether to go out. When the man turned his back on her, he seemed to have eyes behind him and said, "Come to dinner when you are full. Your mother is still waiting for you to deliver meals in the hospital. Hurry up."
"How did you confuse my mother again?" Lanjingyi didn’t good the spirit rushed over and punched him on the back.
"HSS" a cold HSS Jiang LaCrosse yi tooth grin "pain"
"You asked for it" sniffed the room full of food. Lan Jingyi was welcome to sit in the dining chair. I have to say that she was really hungry at this meeting, but the table full of food once again surprised her. The dishes were either her favorite or Lan Qing’s favorite. Did Jiang Junyue love them? She never knew or didn’t want to know.
Or a coincidence.
No matter if he takes chopsticks and eats them, he owes her a low head and frowsty eating. In fact, she is afraid to look at him now. After all, after going through the scenes before going to bed, she just feels uncomfortable with him now.
Blue-and-white porcelain soup bowl skimmed the oil flower soup and put it in front of her to "drink black-bone chicken soup while it is hot"
Lan Jingyi consciously looked up at "Who wants your kindness", but it was this look. She was shocked and put down the soup bowl. She was turning around. Jiang Junyue carried a long blood stain through his white shirt and glared at her eyes. "How did it bleed?"
She woke up and grabbed his arm. "Let me see."
I don’t care if he resists Lan Jingyi’s hand and pulls his loose casual shirt. Suddenly, there is a scratch in his eyes. At first glance, his nails are crossed. "Go get the medicine and I will help you." She is a little guilty. These are all her hands. I didn’t expect her hands to be so cruel, but he also deserved it. "You deserve it. Who let you bully me?"
"Then you are a hag." She would never have done that if he hadn’t been strong to her.
"Well, the hag and the male hag are just a pair."
Lan Jingyi pie pie "Don’t you want me to be your woman?" Does he want to marry her now? What did he say? She always remembers that being a woman and being a wife are two different things. She didn’t want to promise because she understood what he once said, but she still won the hand today. At this moment, she really should hate him, but she remembered that she had forgiven him for the first time, and she was really divorced once. Now he is strong for her once. They are really even.
Sure enough, Jiang Junyue didn’t respond to her words, took the medicine and handed it to her "gently"
Hehe, he didn’t want to marry her, and he didn’t want to marry her when he was bitten by a dog.
The ointment was slowly coated with the last little bit, and her fingers were severely erased. "Psst" has always been gentle and gentle, which suddenly increased the strength, which made Jiang Junyue’s conditioned reflex call out suddenly.
"Does it hurt?"
"Can it not hurt? Lan Jingyi, I didn’t get back at you like this when you calculated me."
Well, didn’t he make a mistake once when he couldn’t open the pot, or did he lose himself and his favor?
"Jiang Junyue, I want to borrow one million dollars from you." If you owe one hundred dollars, you owe one million dollars, and you owe it as much as you can, and then you can pay her back. You will still not owe him in the future.
Chapter 52 Leng Qing don’t borrow.
"Jiang Junyue, I want to borrow one million dollars from you." If you owe one hundred dollars, you owe one million dollars, and you owe it as much as you can, and then you can pay her back. You will still not owe him in the future.
"Don’t borrow"
"I’ll write an iou and I promise I’ll pay it back to you in the future."
"Don’t borrow"
"Hey, my mother is still in the hospital. What do you want?"
"Lan Jingyi, is this your attitude of borrowing money?" Jiang Junyue looked at Lan Jingyi with his jaw in his hand and deep eyes. He didn’t even understand himself. He couldn’t say what was wrong, but he had it, didn’t he?