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Blood ran down her forehead.

"Dye dye! Tao Ziming, don’t touch her! " Meng Yichen just wanted to rush, but Tao Ziming grabbed her hand.
"Meng, I advise you not to struggle. The more you want to resist your women’s field … the more miserable it is. If such a beautiful little face is hit black and blue, Meng will not feel bad." Tao Ziming said
Yin An dyed weak and opened his eyes to see that the man’s fist kept falling on Meng Yichen.
She saw him being beaten and spitting blood.
"No … don’t … Chen …"
Tao looked at Meng Yichen smugly. The more tragic Meng Yichen was, the more comfortable he was! Meng Yichen owes him and should have paid him back a long time ago!
"Don’t! ! !”
Yin’ anran sound chebao
夜网论坛  title=Even when the man picked up the stick and was about to hit Meng Yichen, she didn’t know where she had the strength to throw off Tao Ziming and threw herself at Meng Yichen.
"Uh …"
The stick actually hit Yin An on the back.
His eyes were scarlet and he raised his hand and hugged the little man.
The man was surprised that Yin Anran would suddenly blunt come over, but that stick was not light.
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Tao Ziming was also shocked, but then he returned to his original cruel and indifferent expression.
"Since you are not afraid of death, give it to me!" Tao Ziming said, picking up a wooden stick and hitting Meng Yichen again.
Yin anran wants to protect Meng yichen, but Meng yichen also wants to protect her.
Meng Yichen held her tightly in her arms and carried her back to meet those sticks.
"Dye dye how do you … so silly … um …" He stuffy hum.
Clubs fell one after another. Meng Yichen shook her head with tears streaming down her face. "Chen, let go …"
"Don’t play again …"
She tore her heart out and cried, and the room echoed with the sound of almost despair
Meng Yichen spat out one mouthful blood, enchanting bright red blood dripping on her cheek …
One side of the man looked at Tao Ziming and made a determined effort like hitting Meng Yichen and saw that Meng Yichen had vomited blood again. "Since … since Brother Ziming is about the same … this … and then go to hell."
Tao Ziming slowly closed his hand.
He looked at Meng Yichen and smiled. "It’s really enjoyable, Meng Yichen. Do you know how long I’ve been thinking about this day? ! I’ve been thinking about it since I went to prison. I’ve been thinking about getting revenge on you and abusing you when I get out! Now I have finally waited for this day! Ha ha ha! "
Meng Yichen and Yin Anran were returned to the dungeon again.
The two were together this time.
Meng Yichen lay breathing heavily and Yin Anran fell beside him. "Chen Achen, what happened to you? Don’t scare me." Seeing his eyes closed, Yin Anran felt that his heart was going to stop.
But she called Meng Yichen several times and ignored her.
She panicked and tears fell uncontrollably. "Chen … you get up! You can’t sleep! Can’t sleep! Have you forgotten what you promised me? Have you forgotten our daughter? Don’t sleep … Blare … Please … "
Tears fell on his face.
Meng Yichen’s eyebrows moved a little, and when he opened his eyes, he saw the pear flower with rain. "Dye … don’t cry …" His voice was dry and dumb.
Yin Anran looked up after hearing the man’s voice. "Ah … Chen … Woo … You woke up. You scared me to death!"
Meng Yichen lip angle pulled out a difficult smile "fool … ahem …" He wants to sit up Yin Anran hurriedly to hold him.
Meng Yichen sat up behind him but pulled her to the side to see her injury.
"I’m okay … Chen you don’t …"
"Ahem … lovely … let me see …" He gently lifted her clothes and saw the heart-pounding red.
Looking at her injury, he felt distressed. It seems that Tao Ziming didn’t hurt so much when he hit him.
"Don’t do such a dangerous move after dyeing!" He said
Yin Anran looked at him and felt uncomfortable. "Chen … I can’t … I can’t watch you get beaten and be indifferent!"
Meng Yichen weakly pulled out a little smile and raised her hand to touch her face "fool"