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Chen Shu said with a smile, "Whoever laughs last will meet with you one day. I hope Gu Shao won’t regret it then."

By his malicious words, Gu Changning’s face became very ugly.
However, he seems to be impulsive, but in fact he is very successful. He did not argue with Chen Shu.
spa会所Chen Shu suddenly turned to me. "Ye Ershao hasn’t found out my identity for so long. Do you think he is a reliable person?"
I don’t know why he suddenly turned to this matter and frowned and didn’t answer
He looked at me deeply. "Actually, the main purpose of my visit today is to see you."
The more I feel puzzled, I stare at him in silence.
He smiled slowly. "I can help you if you want a divorce."
I immediately narrowed my eyes.
When he and I were in the room, he didn’t say this, but it happened that he said it to Gu Changning on purpose before Gu Changning.
Sure enough, he came here because he was uneasy and kind.
I really want to say a few harsh words to express my anger, but on second thought, there is no need to be angry about it.
It happened that Chen Shu also earnestly advised me that "Ye Jia might be unlucky one day and Ye Er Shao is not sincere to you … Miss Ding, because I know that you will divorce Ye Er Shao sooner or later …"
He was punched in the face by Gu Changning before his words were finished.
Gu Changning didn’t seem to feel avenged and waved his fist and said, "Shut up!"
Chen Shu avoided his attack this time. His fingers brushed the corners of his mouth and smiled.
He didn’t mean to retaliate against Gu Changning, but looked at me and continued, "If you find yourself stuck in the mud and can’t get rid of Ye Ershao, I will definitely help you if you come to me …"
Gu Changning’s eyes narrowed into a crack and directly said to Yang Feidao, "Fujian!"
Chen Shu didn’t mean to pester him. He smiled and took a look at Changning. "Then I’ll be leaving."
Say that finish ShiRan out of the gate car to leave.
Gu Changning obviously still hasn’t vented his anger. He turned to me with cold eyes. "What did you put him in for? You know you can’t get anything from him, but you should be deceived. Have you long wanted to leave Ayuansuo and hook up with him?"
This is too ugly.
I can understand his anger. I am also very angry after listening to Chen Shu’s words, and I really want to beat it myself.
But Chen Shuxian is going to leave me and Ye Xiangyuan and look after Changning. How could such a wise man be unexpected?
Before I could explain, I suddenly heard Gu Changyu say, "Why are you …"
Her words came to an abrupt end.
I turned around and she looked at me at the stairs with a complicated look.
She must have heard Chen Shu’s words just now
Does she want to blame me, too?
Chapter 256 A little more than a little.
I can’t argue.
No, or I don’t want to say more.
Section 234
I guess both of them must know about it, and I’m sure Chen Shu slandered me on purpose.
Get along for more than a year, what I have done, who I am, and they must know it.
But now they accuse me at gunpoint, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable and disheartened, and I don’t want to explain more
Gu Changyu came slowly.
She looked at Gu Changning first. "Don’t be angry, brother. She certainly didn’t mean that. Ah Yuan is so good. How could she leave him?"
Gu Changning hum 1.
Gu Changyu turned to me again and looked serious and sincere. "I know you don’t have other thoughts at the right time, but you really should pay attention not to provoke others … We don’t misunderstand that you are afraid that Ayuan will be unhappy …"
Whether it’s Han Qingshan or Chen Shu, how can I provoke it?
They approached me with ulterior motives.
And Ye Xiangyuan is not unhappy because he knows that I didn’t provoke these people, and he knows that they are coming for my identity …
I suddenly felt wronged and my eyes ached, but I tried not to show it in front of their brother and sister.
The sudden tears made me feel ashamed.
I have never been a weak person. I am so sensitive because of pregnancy.
Seeing that the two brothers and sisters were staring at me, I whispered, "Even if you misunderstand me, I can’t help but be angry with Ayuansheng. That’s his business to you."
This is the first time I didn’t follow Gu Changyu.
Gu Changyu opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something interrupted by Gu Changning motioning with his hand.
He said, "Fish, go back to your room first."
Gu Changyu’s beautiful eyebrows slightly wrinkled and seemed reluctant to leave.
But she may be forced by Gu Changning’s brother’s majesty to turn around and go upstairs after all.
Gu Changning stared at me for a long time before slowly saying, "Ding Shiyuan believes you, and I am willing to believe you. I also know that you are a principled person … What I just said to Xiaoyu may make you uncomfortable, but I still want to say a few more words."
I also looked at him and said nothing.
He said, "Ayuan has found much more than we thought, otherwise Chen Shu wouldn’t have come in a hurry to beg for mercy. Now that you know he’s up to no good, avoid him."
I’m still silent
He frowned. "It was also before my negligence that you said you wanted to see Chen Shu. At first, I didn’t object. Later, I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t feel relieved when I saw that you hadn’t moved. I didn’t expect him to find the door."
I close my eyes. He and Ye Xiangyuan have no secrets, but Ye Xiangyuan won’t tell me anything. If they don’t wake me up, how can I know what to do?
Gu Changning didn’t pay attention to my mood. He gave me a look and said, "You are really … too simple sometimes … so keep an eye on it."
I’m faint, um, one.