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When I was under house arrest in France with my parents and Xiaojin, I never showed my concern in front of them because their age would increase their psychological pressure.

But Xu Xin is an adult, and she is braver and stronger than me, so I can’t help telling her my worries.
Xu Xin said, "I’m not afraid that so many people can’t keep it unless they attack for days and nights, but this will definitely attract the attention of the outside world, and I guess they don’t want to be exposed."
Her analysis is very reasonable
But my nerves are still tense, perhaps because Ye Xiangyuan is not around, and I am also worried that he will be attacked.
After waiting for about half an hour, the first attack stopped
Several guards were slightly injured and the medical staff are dressing them up.
On the enemy side, except for the first one who entered the second floor, several others sneaked into the courtyard, and others did not even touch the door.
This said that Yuan Xi and Ye Wen stopped them effectively.
But I didn’t let my guard down, fearing another attack.
Okay, at this time, Ye Xiangyuan and all of them are back.
Gu Changning walked at the front. He came quickly and seemed to want to approach Xu Xin, but he turned a corner to ask Xiao Jin if he was injured.
Xiaojin is very exciting. "I’m fine. Aunt Xu’s lost is fine ~"
I’m a little funny.
Gu Changning’s personality is really awkward. If he stagnates in front of Xu Xin and has something to do with Gu Changyu, I am afraid that his generation will not be able to make Xu Xin love him again.
I was sighing that Ye Xiangyuan came to my side and held my hand and asked softly, "Are you really okay?"
His eyes fell on my feet.
I was busy saying, "It’s nothing serious, just a small cut."
He touched my face and whispered, "I’ve heard it, but fortunately it’s not a bomb."
I am also very glad to hold his hand and say, "Are you all right?"
Ye Xiangyuan gently nodded, "I came back immediately after hearing the news."
I silently calculated that the whole attack lasted for an hour. Did they go out of the sea?
But I didn’t ask much.
Xu Xin said, "It’s just timely thanks to you, or I’ll be injured."
The first time I tackled her, I dodged the bullet and really saved her.
But she has thanked me. Why come out now?
I saw her eyes glance at Gu Changning, and suddenly she came in vain.
She said this before Gu Changning on purpose. If Gu Changning had her in her heart, she wouldn’t embarrass me again because of Gu Changyu.
I’m very grateful to her.
And Gu Changning sipped his mouth and looked at me with a passive attitude.
Didn’t thank me, but the fundus was not so obvious
That’s enough.
Ye Xiangyuan took me to Lu Xun and said, "Follow-up things you deal with."
Lu Xun moment.
Ye Xiangyuan took another look at Gu Changning and didn’t assign him.
He took Xiao Jin and said, "I’ll take you upstairs to have a rest." He paused and looked at Xu Xin. "Help yourself, Miss Xu."
Xu Xin nodded
Ye Xiangyuan took me and Xiao Jin to the floor.
I went to the stairs and looked back at the living room.
Lu Xun has left Gu Changning and Xu Xin with Yuan Xi.
Xu Xin sat on the sofa and looked down at the mobile phone. Gu Changning was still there.
Section 34
桑拿会所Two people just want to ignore each other.
I secretly shook my head.
When will they be reconciled if they go this way?
Xiaojin went to the door of his bedroom and stopped to say that he still wanted to study the model, so he didn’t go to the bedroom with us.
I smiled a little. The tip of his nose is really big.
When I returned to my room, I suddenly found that Ye Xiangyuan’s shoulder was injured and I couldn’t move with one hand, while I hurt my ankle and could walk slowly.
Ye Xiangyuan helped me to the bed and sat down. Then I held my leg and opened the gauze and looked at it.
He was sure it was a small wound before he sat beside me and touched my face and said, "Are you scared?"
I shook my head and nodded again.
I didn’t really think about anything at first, but I was a little scared afterwards.
He kissed my forehead and said, "People are sent by Li jiaqi’s confidants to save Li jiaqi."
As soon as Li jiaqi was arrested, someone came to save him. It seems that he is still very promising and there are many loyal people in his hand.
Chapter 391 He meant no harm
I couldn’t help grabbing Ye Xiangyuan’s hand and saying, "Will they stop until they rescue Li Qi?"
Ye Xiangyuan was silent and said, "Fortunately, this is a country after all, and they have a lot of scruples. If they go abroad, it may be more troublesome."
But he didn’t deny my question.
Said Li jiaqi people will definitely move again.
I thought for a moment, "Will it be stable to hand him over to the country after Li Qi has explained the matter?"
Ye Wen has been judging Li jiaqi, and it is estimated that there will be a result soon.
Ye Xiangyuan stroked the back of my hand and said, "Leaving Li jiaqi here is also the way to lead Han Qingshan. We are afraid that Li Yuyan’s chip is not enough. Li jiaqi is, after all, a supporter of Han Qingshan. Li jiaqi is very difficult to hope for that position. He will definitely not let Li jiaqi fall from grace and want Han Qingshan to be caught. We will immediately send Li jiaqi back to the imperial city."
I nodded and understood their plan.
Is it necessary to catch Han Qingshan and everything will be over?