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I am so angry that my chest hurts.

Their family walked away.
At this time, I have changed my clothes, and the heating at home is very warm, but my heart is like in icehouse.
Actually, the money was not spent, but in order to get rid of Ningqi completely, my father had to make this decision because of their family.
I feel so guilty.
桑拿My mother explained to the neighbors
At the beginning, Ning Qi and I were engaged. Many people in the community knew that Ning Qi cheated later because it was a domestic scandal. Our family didn’t deliberately say that we didn’t expect to be beaten by Ning Qi today.
He slandered me in public, especially those photos, which are irrefutable evidence.
My mother likes to tell her neighbors that it’s synthetic.
Ok, everyone still believes in my mother. After all, after getting along for more than ten years, my parents know what sex they are.
Everyone comforted my mother for a while and then dispersed.
It’s finally quiet at home. I’m afraid to look at my parents’ faces on the sofa.
On the contrary, my parents comforted me lightly and told me not to worry, just as giving money to the dog.
But I can’t get past myself.
It may be because of guilt or because of a cold that I started to have a high fever late.
I was out of my mind when my parents took me to the hospital.
This is really a big blow to me.
I can secretly search the evidence of the Wen family and quietly retaliate against the Wen family because I didn’t expect Wen Lu to be ready to kill the Wen family. I left a retreat to ensure that my parents would not be hurt.
Kening chess is always different.
He was my first love, and we were engaged, and we almost lived for a generation.
My parents used to like him so much.
I always wanted to get together with him, but in the end I was calculated by him again and again and planted in his hands again and again.
When Ye Xiangyuan advised me to answer blows with blows, I still felt that Ye Xiangyuan was too ruthless.
Now think about dealing with ning chess. You have to be tough. You must never be soft-hearted, otherwise it will make him more reckless.
Ye Xiangyuan’s vision is far-sighted.
I feel particularly sorry for my parents after all this trouble.
Although the neighbors already know that the Ningqi family is blackmailing and are willing to believe that those photos are fake, in the final analysis, it is because I don’t know people clearly that my parents have suffered so much.
Maybe everyone laughs at me for being stupid.
At first, I had a bad cold, and then I became pneumonia.
Maybe it’s because I’m in a bad mood and my illness has been repeated, so I’m hospitalized again and I haven’t recovered until New Year’s Eve.
Home is the New Year in the hospital.
Looking at my parents very anxious, I have to pretend to be calm in front of me and comfort me carefully. I feel anxious and guilty.
But the more I do this, the more I can’t face them, and the disease is getting worse and worse.
They watch over me every day and even dare not visit relatives and friends.
Once I eavesdropped on my parents’ conversation and realized that they were always with me for fear that I would take my own life.
They and I are still very interested in playing chess. I have been hit hard and my condition looks very bad.
It’s not
I’m … I’m … I’m choking with a big stone in my chest.
But I just can’t vent it.
I’ve always thought it’s enough to live a quiet life, but there are many ways to predict things that will catch you off guard and won’t let you escape.
Later, my parents may be too worried about quietly contacting Nannan and want Nannan to comfort me.
But I declined the South-South visit
Hou Nannan sends me WeChat every day to tell me some happy and funny things. She said that she went on a blind date, but the blind date didn’t come. It was her cousin.
She also said that her cousin was handsome but married.
The words are quite regrettable.
She also used this excuse to refuse her mother to arrange a blind date again
There is no denying that my parents’ companionship with South-South funny heart makes my heart slowly dissipate.
Even the hospital has a Chinese New Year atmosphere, and there are thousands of lights outside, and the smell of the year is everywhere.
I think I can’t let my parents worry anymore, so I cheer up.
I was discharged from the hospital on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year.
My parents are very happy to see me in good spirits.
They planned to take me abroad before I started school.
I couldn’t bear to refuse them, so I agreed.
When I got home, my mother cooked a lot of delicious food every day, for fear that I would have a bad appetite, and they also refused my relatives and friends to come to my house and said that they wanted me to rest.
After two days, on the third morning, I sat at the breakfast table and couldn’t help crying.
My mother hugged me and patted me on the back. "Cry, cry, cry and everything will be fine."
I had a hearty cry.
Cry out all those grievances, guilt and confusion in your heart …
After breakfast, the doorbell rang at home. Who is my mother? The uninvited relative looked at me apologetically and walked to open the door.
As a result, there came a grandma’s angry voice at the door, "Happy New Year, grandma!"
I was so surprised that I suddenly turned around and it was really them!
Ye Xiangyuan holds Xiao Yejin’s mouth.
They have similar eyebrows and eyes and the same expression. They are dressed in the same clothes. Great Britain, handsome and expensive, cute and soft.
My mother met Ye Xiangyuan once, and I still remember him calling me back, "It’s time for your colleagues to come to see you."