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Gu Changning stared at Li jiaqi and suddenly laughed. "You don’t have to be upset or hate me. I’m your enemy and I should lie to you. But after seeing you, I’ll tell you a secret that will make you lose and lose." He paused slowly. "Far ranks and positions are still there."

Li jiaqi instantaneous zheng big eyes.
Then his lips trembled, and I don’t know what came to his mind. His whole face lost its color like a sick person.
Then he suddenly fell back.
Well, he was held hostage by two guards and didn’t fall off.
He reacted so much that I guess he suddenly realized the meaning.
Gu Changning hook lip a smile "want to see? If you want to understand, just stay here honestly and wait to catch up with your old department and your old acquaintances. "
Li jiaqi seems to have been drained of gas, and there is no such thing as a twinkle in her eyes and a smug look at Gu Changning.
Ye Xiangyuan said to the guard, "Take him to the basement."
Li jiaqi didn’t do anything to resist the footsteps and followed them forward in vain.
"Wait!" Gu Changning somehow remembered something to stop the guards.
Everyone looked at him.
He walked up to Li jiaqi and suddenly punched Li jiaqi alongside of.seem.
Maybe he moved too fast, or maybe Li jiaqi was still in shock. Li jiaqi didn’t dodge and spit out one mouthful blood instantly.
Gu Changning rubbed his wrist and said coldly, "This is for the Hui family. They wouldn’t be caught in this struggle if you hadn’t found them."
He seems to be out for hsu family, and seems to be out for hsu heart.
Li jiaqi is still a callous look, even if it is beaten, there is no response.
I looked at Xu Xin.
She looked complicated a few steps away from Gu Changning.
I secretly think it seems that Gu Changning is still very interested in her and still has her in his heart.
But … Gu Changyu caught Xu Xin and estimated that he would not forgive him easily.
This is not easy to handle.
I sigh in my heart.
Forget it, the most important thing is how to deal with the enemy.
It’s no hurry to clear up the misunderstanding when everything is over and the two of them still have plenty of time.
I think Li jiaqi was taken.
He followed without any struggle or expression.
Ye Xiang traveled far away. "I heard that you should try him at once."
Ye Wen should say "yes"
I was startled when his voice came from behind me.
Before he went out, I don’t know when he came back, but he quietly left me and Ye Xiangyuan behind him.
Ye Wen also went to the basement.
I am thoughtful.
Li jiaqi mentality must be collapse at the moment.
He has always been sure that he will sit in that position. After all, the Li family is gaining momentum and is supported by Han Qingshan and foreign forces
In the past two years, he has increasingly ignored those aristocratic families and acted arbitrarily.
Section 337
But just now Gu Changning told him that all this was his imaginary reality and he had planned to deal with him.
Ye Xiangyuan is wanted or suppressed by him, or he is just acting for him.
He must be shocked and white. He has a way out.
His mental defeat is naturally the best time for trial.
Just as Li Mulin was defeated by Lu Xun in a few words, he soon learned what he knew.
约茶Li jiaqi will soon confess the crime …
Thought of here, I couldn’t help looking at Ye Xiangyuan.
He caught Li jiaqi easily by his means.
But at the same time, I also feel a little incredible.
Li jiaqi was defeated like this, which is much simpler than I thought.
I had to go through a lot of fighting and wits at least, and it was very likely that I would be able to subdue him with great sacrifice.
Because it is too easy, I feel unreal.
The whole villa was quiet again.
There were a few of us in the living room who didn’t speak first.
I am worried about Gu Changning.
If Xu Xin and Li jiaqi hadn’t come before, he might be angry with me for Ye Xiangyuan’s refusal.
So I don’t want to mess with him at all
Finally, Xu Xin debuted, "Lu Shao, thank you this time. I think I should be leaving now."
Chapter 3 still has to stay.
Lu Xun said, "I’m sorry you have to stay in the villa."
Xu Xin Zheng
Lu Xun did not explain that "you must stay".
Somehow the atmosphere seems to be tense.
Gu Changning immediately yelled at him, "What do you mean, Sam?"
Lu Xun lightly see his one eye didn’t speak.
Gu Changning glared at first, but somehow suddenly became awkward again.
I’m also a little anxious. Is Lu Xun really going to threaten Hsu family with Xu Xin?
But when I saw Gu Changning’s expression, I knew it.
It’s a pity that Xu Xin didn’t listen to Bai and didn’t take care of Changning from beginning to end.