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But another thought turned on his mind, or he could tell her something urgent to distract her.

Section 99
But what is it?
His brain was spinning fast, and soon he had a self-made answer. His black eyes were slightly open and his eyes were narrowed. He scanned the enchanting woman who had stopped before bed. He wanted to eat her. "Yiyi is my mother. My mother said that if I don’t separate her … she will commit suicide."
"That’s it?" Lan Jingyi raised his eyebrows and didn’t believe it at first, but it seems that this is also a possibility. He Ling has always opposed herself with Jiang Junyue.
Watched LanJingYi slightly believed Jiang Junyue immediately strike while the iron is hot. "Anyway, she is my own mother. Without her, there would be no life for me, right? So I really can’t watch her commit suicide, and I don’t think she can look at her for a while … "
"So what shall we do now? Pour you can’t treat me like that again. "The grievance pouted and he was indifferent to Lanjingyi before thinking about it.
"Can you find someone to watch it 24 hours a day, or what else can you do?" Jiang Junyue said that when she looked at Lan Jingyi’s little heart, she felt bad about this man.
"I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I can’t make your mother like me."
Seeing Lan Jingyi’s sad expression, Jiang Junyue also felt distressed. I really wanted to stretch out my hand to hug her, but his hand was still tied. Wait a minute, and he will break free. "Yiyi will definitely pass."
Lan Jingyi felt lonely when she saw the answer, but a pair of small hands pulled his hands and then he untied the clothes that tied his wrist. "Well, you’re free. Well, you can solve it yourself. I’ll take a shower."
"You … what did you say?" Jiang Junyue’s lips twitched, and this woman said she wanted him to solve it himself? He must have misheard.
"Five girls, don’t tell me you don’t understand." Lan Jingyi walked barefoot to the bathroom and didn’t forget to turn around and make a face at him.
品茶论坛  title="Lan Jingyi …" Jiang Junyue roared out of bed and went to recover Lan Jingyi.
"Bang" bathroom door LanJingYi quickly locked the door inside, and she was relieved to lean against the wall. Seeing that the man had chased him up, she was banging on the door hard at the moment. She said in a cold voice, "Who told you to bully me like that before? You also said that those disobedient Jiang Junyue asked for it for a month and you couldn’t touch me."
Jiang Junyue’s eyes are about to explode with sparks, not to mention one second a month, and he can’t wait. Now he wants her.
My hands kept knocking on the door, my eyes were eager, but the sound was as soft as possible. "Yi Yi, open the door and have something to say."
"I won’t open the door until your five girls have finished enjoying it." When I think of his cruel treatment to her before, Lan Jingyi pursed her lips, she will repay him for how much pain he gave her. After seeing him, she will dare to bully him like that. It is very simple that she will work hard with him to influence He Ling and believe that everything will change.
Although she doesn’t like He Ling at all, She is Jiang Junyue’s mother and she can accept this fact.
Water trickling sounds more like an invitation to a man’s ears. Jiang Junyue looks at himself. Five girls hate cutting and slaps the door again. "Wash it out quickly and change me." He doesn’t want five girls Lan Jingyi. She is his goblin. She tortures him and is going crazy.
Smiling gently, I watched Jiang Junyue go crazy outside the bathroom. Even though he was uncomfortable, the man’s figure was still tall and elegant, and his voice was particularly hoarse, which also revealed his discomfort.
no matter
Anyway, I just don’t care
Lan Jingyi washed her body slowly. He kept him waiting for the New Year’s Eve. She suddenly appreciated her creativity. Well, it was a beautiful night. She didn’t regret it at all.
Finally, Jiang Junyue couldn’t wait any longer or he could destroy him, but bathroom door still couldn’t bear to hurt the woman inside, thinking that she had cried, been lonely and drunk, and his heart hurt, so he could let her make trouble, and he would bear all this. Whoever makes him a man is a man, and his woman will hold up a sky.
Burning a cigarette into the balcony, the tall figure pulls the balcony wall longer and longer, and the night wind blows his face and adds smoke. His body is slowly fading away, but he still feels uncomfortable.
Two soft jade hands wrapped around his neck from behind. "Tilt …" After bathing, Lan Jingyi put his arms around Jiang Junyue’s charming body and stuck it on his back, smelling his masculinity mixed with smoke, which made her obsessed with "Don’t decide to leave me easily again after tilting, okay?"
She touched his back lightly, and he turned to smoke a beautiful parabola in his hand, and he threw it into the grass in the building. Then he leaned over and hugged Lan Jingyi, which became a small prey in his arms. "Go back and continue."
"No, I don’t want it." Lan Jingyi bit his arm like a little beast. "You let me go."
"goblin, is this a prelude to continue to torture me?"
"It’s good that you know who made you torture me before." Lanjingyi pouted and wronged
"Ha-ha naughty" pinched the tip of her nose, which was always to let her get over it. He always hurt her too much. "Well, I promise you I won’t sleep."
"Can you do that?" She raised her little face in deep doubt.
"I’ll try"
"Well, I don’t believe you." What? Try as much as possible, that is, maybe not as much as possible. Isn’t she going to be wiped clean by him again? This guy usually doesn’t look back at her after eating. What about men? The more they don’t get it, the better they get it, the more they will abandon her. Now they say nothing and don’t believe him. Anyway, she looks at him with colored eyes.
"Well, I’ll solemnly promise you that I won’t touch you if you stay up late."
That’s more like it. She gently closed her eyes and let him hold her to the bed. Yawning came one after another. She was really sleepy. She fell asleep like a kitten after "leaning good night" in his arms.
How long has it been since I slept with such distractions?
It’s been a long time
From the day he kicked her out of his office, her sleep quality was no better than that of always being half asleep and half awake, so she couldn’t sleep steadily.
That night, Lan Jingyi couldn’t wake up after sleeping until the third pole.
Chapter 173 Don’t worry.
I slept for more than ten hours before I opened my eyes. It was a little strange and familiar in front of me. All consciousness quickly returned to the pool. "Tilt …" He didn’t see him in the field of vision, and Lan Jingyi’s heartbeat accelerated sharply. Didn’t all last night really be her dream?
If he doesn’t, she will be nervous and flustered.
Jiang Junyue really didn’t respond.