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I woke up early the next morning and felt my head hurt. Yesterday, too many things happened. I fell asleep late and didn’t dream about the things in the game. Besides, I didn’t have anything to do today. After eating Zhang Xian for breakfast, I waited for her to leave my horse and turn on the microcomputer. The whole computer had a button. After I pressed it, a screen and a keyboard appeared in front of my eyes. I really felt like in the game. When I needed to see the status in the game, I also showed my eyes like this.

After trying for ten seconds, I learned almost all the functions of this computer and marveled at my talent for computers. I couldn’t help thinking, am I particularly good at computers?
I searched for a lot of information about companies with dreams. The original dream company is a diversified enterprise. No matter what line of business has subsidiaries, it is also one of the top ten multinational companies in the world. The president’s name is Lan Fengyun, and he is in his forties today. He is the youngest president in the history of the dream company. He led him to be the president. In the past seven years, the dream company has reached a historical high and firmly pulled the throne of the world’s first enterprise to his ass.
There are three core businesses of "dream" enterprises: heavy industry such as ordnance, ships, airplanes, etc. Second, medical theory that you can "dream" to find any medicine you want. This is the reputation of the enterprise. Third, biochemical engineering. However, according to the information found on the Internet, this information is a bit strange. Because there are too few, there is no reason not to find several important projects with information. However, after checking on the Internet, I found that the enterprise has nothing but this department, and this department was added only after Blue Cloud Station.
What a coincidence seven years ago? It seems that the president and I will have a good experience.
Check again. My parents’ enterprise is just a regional agent. Although the area is large, the total population is 1.3 billion, which is still too small compared with the world’s population of 300 million.
Since yesterday, I have felt that I have matured. I am no longer mentally or psychologically disabled. Although I can’t move freely, since there is a computer and a fairyland game, I will create a famous game in the game to rank first in the world. I believe that major enterprises will also pay attention to this game, which is definitely a’ dream’. Some enterprises will definitely learn about the news of the enterprise department through them, which will definitely help them escape from here in the future.
After all this, I suddenly felt much more relaxed, and I was more enthusiastic about the game Wonderland, but I felt a headache at the thought of the game. When can I get rid of the wanted order? If I keep doing this, I can’t move freely at all. If I accidentally reveal my name, it will be a dead body.
I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon, but it’s worth it. I’ve never been so sure about my life.
It’s almost 12 noon to watch the seconds lapse. I’m looking forward to adding three new special projects. What’s so special about it?
"Dang ~ Dang ~ Dang ~" I heard the mechanical clock in the hall strike at 12 noon and immediately opened the webpage and asked me what advanced games were? Of course, let’s see if there are any announcements about these three new things.
As soon as I get to the fairyland homepage, Ma seems to be in the new three-phase information.
In the pet game, all monsters below level 3 can catch pets, but each pet needs a kind of catch that belongs to him. The specific object system will not tell players that they have to grope for it by themselves, while level 3 monsters can only be caught as pets with BOSS, and each pet has a special skill, and no specific skills will be told to players.
Chapter to be continued! (updated at noon)
Chapter 17 Potential Ring
Look to collect, look to smash tickets, look to reply!
Chapter 17 Potential Ring
The top ten difficulties are found by the players themselves. All the top ten difficulties in the game are not shown to be completed by the players themselves. From the five-level artifact to the special reward, players can complete it by their own real ability, and no team or multiple people can complete it.
Weekly level challenge level LV7 players are divided into LV7-LV79, LV-LV9, LV9-LV99 three groups are held every Sunday afternoon, and each group is limited to one person to sign up for 10,000 RO coins. One-on-one fighting is adopted to select the ring overlord every week. After the challenger defeats all the players in a week, he challenges the ring overlord for a week. If the new generation of ring hegemons fail, the ring hegemons will be rewarded with special objects if they can persist for one month. In addition, they can’t lose to the other side intentionally, maliciously steal, insult the language, and violate the game form in the battle. Once the titles are detected, they will be dealt with! If the overlord of the ring has upgraded the boundary, he will enter the high-level group of fighting and will not stay in the low-level group.
After reading these briefs, I have made a decision in my mind that everything depends on whether the wanted order can be eliminated!
When I entered the game, Ma received a message telling me to go to the Friendship Statue in the capital quickly to see that he was so anxious. I hurried there and saw him squeezing me to a large group of people inside. He asked, "What’s going on?"
"Ah, you’re here. This is the fairyland girls’ league party. The whole game beauty will come here. Don’t you want to see some beautiful women?"
"Are you calling me so urgently?"
"Of course, I didn’t hear that they were going to publicly comment on one thing and make it quite big?"
"hmm? What’s so serious? " If I hear this kind of thing, curiosity will certainly be the first to run over.
We two brothers played the tacit cooperation of the enemy again, and then we squeezed into the forefront of the onlookers. I gave him a look at the friendship statue with a high banner on the front that said, "Strictly punish the game first * * * *’ elegant’"
I almost fainted at the sight. When did I upgrade to * * * *? Take a closer look at the flag impressively is knight MM’ Tianwu’. If she knows that I am elegant, the consequences can be imagined. Look at this fairyland girls’ league. It’s all mm professions. I winked at the disease and he also saw the problem. The two of them secretly left here.
"Yi, what do you think you should do now?"
"For the time being, I haven’t thought that if I have to beg Chris again, I’d rather die. Anyway, the present soldier hasn’t published my sample certificate, and he still has kindness and knows my name, so it’s just you and him for the time being."
桑拿论坛"Well, let’s train quickly. After I change my job to a sage, we’ll go to a high-end strange place."
"well! Ok, let’s do it! "
After leaving the capital, we came to another place, in the underground waterway, who knows what magic to crusade against, where we kept brushing out new magic, so how can we kill it? We’ll calculate after this. Anyway, I haven’t heard anyone say that I have finished this game for so long.
We came to the mountain capital-payon, which is a small city in the forest. The houses are all made of straw and teak boards, and the famous hunter’s guild set up a’ bamboo forest’ not far outside payon.
There are many leisure people chatting, drinking tea and tea in the city, and the tea room is full of many players, having business talks, gathering friends and selling their own equipment. What payon always sees is a leisure scene, which also depends on the beautiful environment in payon and the singing of birds and birds really makes people feel relaxed.
While walking, the two of us were curious to look at the surrounding things. There are fruit shops and juice shops in payon. Unfortunately, we can’t buy them. I heard that these are some kind of pet feed. We came to the depths of the ancient forest in payon. I heard that there was a cave occupied by demons attached to monsters, and the level of monsters in it was still quite high. We came to the front of the cave with a try mentality.
It’s really scary to look at the dark cave entrance. Although I’m a boy, I still believe in ghosts and gods, and because of this, the guy who is sick makes fun of my fan boy.
As soon as the two of us entered the cave, we were confronted with a group of bats. Although this kind of low-level monster was nothing serious, it was always a group and the attack frequency was extremely fast and very troublesome. Besides, I couldn’t hit it. They were completely cut down by the disease method [mental explosion] and I was crazy about fencing. Of course, we also took all their things away. Although they were all worthless things, we were poor and short of garbage.
Going in far away, I saw a skeleton and bones with two bone sticks in both hands. There is also a class LV15 evil skeleton warrior who is more advanced than the evil skeleton warrior. Of course, these two monsters have no threat to the two of us, except for their appearance, which makes us sick. They easily passed through the first floor and came to the second floor.
On the second floor of payon Cave, there is a strange monster called "Turn the Egg". The whole monster is a huge egg with eyes and mouth about one meter high. This monster has LV24 level, which is also suitable for our leveling. On the other floor, there is a more terrible monster, a senior evil skeleton warrior. This monster is not as clever as those retarded guys on the first floor, and they also have a trick to kill [Ghost Shock]. If a guy is unlucky, it will reduce your health by 2 regardless of defense hardness, and his body attack power is also very strong. There are more than 23 people who kill you, which is almost 2 health points, but all this is not difficult because of me. Who told me that I am a super-initial person who can charge before and have [healing skills]?
I hit a few strange things easily in the training. One kind is called an incubator. It’s like a precision plate in the middle, and then there is a button next to the incubator. We don’t know what this thing is, but we know it belongs to special things by looking at it, so we keep it.
The other thing is that we play games to get the first card, turn around the egg card, equip the position, shoes the effect, and the magic power recovery increases by 15%.
When we found this thing, we felt as excited as if we had plunged into the toilet, but we have to figure out how this thing works. First of all, we didn’t bring shoes with holes to insert the card. Besides, since this card can’t be used for the time being, it’s better to sell it to earn some money for potions, and just pick up garbage and sell the roots, which is not enough to maintain the potions and make expenses. Put the card in the backpack for the time being.
We talked about slashing eggs and high-level evil warriors. Finally, I upgraded the base level 46 and the professional level 46. When I was going to add additional points, I found a surprising thing. Because the original 45-liter 46 level only gave you 9 additional points at most, but now it’s 1 o’clock. Look at the professional skills. There are two words written there, and I clearly remember that the previous skill points were added and one skill point was added when I upgraded to the next level.
When Ji Fa saw me staying there, he hurried over to ask what was going on. When I told him about this situation, he immediately wondered what was going on.
Suddenly a word’ potential ring’ popped up in my mind!
Chapter 10 Wisdom
Three chapters a day for three consecutive days, and everyone saw happiness! Thank you for your support! So work hard to finish the latest today! Blow up the readers’ tickets today!
Chapter 10 Wisdom
I thought about it. Is it really a potential ring problem? Moreover, according to the word potential, it is indeed possible, so after discussing with the disease method, I decided to go to the next level and try to see what was going on.
After practicing for several hours, I finally rose to level 47 again. As I expected, it was really because of the potential ring problem that I didn’t know anything about the disease and the law. This may be the best training level, which is equivalent to others practicing two levels. Isn’t it twice as good as others to practice to level 99? I understood this key question and a bold plan came to my mind.
Disease method looked at me with a smile and asked, "Why do you laugh so treacherously?"
"What will happen if you say that you have this potential ring and I die and kill me once?"
When I heard this disease, my eyes lit up. If … Many diseases came to my mind, it was my turn to look at the disease. That guy giggled. I pushed him and woke him up from his fantasy.
"You wear this ring, then you kill me to level 2, and then I practice to level 10, and then you kill me to level 2. If you keep going like this, I believe you will reach level 99 soon."
"Yi, do you really decide this?"
"Of course, this is the first time that you have been promoted to the highest level of 99. How can you think about such a rare opportunity to upgrade? And I am the only one in the game who has this special feature! "
"I won’t say anything to you. I’ll bring you here when you lift the wanted list!"
I’m very excited that everything is so simple with my hands clasped together. Of course, the disease method will be upgraded to level 99 very quickly. Of course, the disease method will be upgraded with my potential ring. Then he will have twice as many career and skill points as level 99 now. It will be terrible in the same level. Of course, I will not drop to level 1 in vain. Think about myself from level 1 to level 99. When I practice to level 99, the real additional points and skill points are equivalent to a level 19 monster. It makes me tremble with excitement for no reason. Of course, if you come, it will be level 99. But think about what it will be like to practice at level 99. It will be several days, months and months. There are also "Qin Yong" and another unknown celebrity practicing at level 99. It is difficult for others to talk about it. Of course, you can’t die when you practice, even if you are saved by the priest. That’s enough experience. Second, of course, if you have enough, I doubt that "Qin Yong" has never stopped practicing at level 99 since the game began. Otherwise, it is impossible to practice at level 99 so soon.
I don’t want to say much, and I will continue to improve the disease method and strive to upgrade to level 5 as soon as possible, just enough to upgrade the disease method to level 99, and then I will be reincarnated, and the disease method will turn the first master into a professional wise man.
After practicing all night, I was too tired to continue practicing with the disease method. His school also had something to do. When I took off my helmet, Zhang Xian was typing on the table as usual. Anyway, I knew Zhang Xian’s name and her gender. I didn’t know anything about it. If it was before, I might leave everything to my sister, but now I am different.
"Zhang Xian!"