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The words "We are qualified" were printed on the big-screen live pictures of digital TV, brain and square all over the country, just like when we qualified for the World Cup in Korea and Japan in 22 years.

Fans from all over the country went out to March and set off firecrackers to celebrate like crazy.
All parts of the country fell into a big carnival.
Before Lu Wenbin appeared, China football continued to be in a downturn, and it was more and more uphill, which made people lose hope.
China’s scolding of the national football team and the Football Association is politically correct. Whoever watches the national football game is stupid and forced to be despised by classmates and friends around him.
China fans have also created many sad tears, such as a joke that says
Fans from China, Japan and South Korea met the emperor and asked, "When can we win the World Cup in Korea?"
The emperor answered "5 years"
Korean fans pinch their fingers and think they may live to that day, so they are happy to leave.
Japanese fans asked, "When can we win the World Cup on Sunday?"
The emperor answered "one year"
Japanese fans thought they would never see it in their life, so they left in tears.
Finally, China fans asked, "When can we win the World Cup in China?"
Emperor was silent for a long time and began to cry first. "I should never see China win the World Cup in my life."
Even the Imperial Capital won’t live long enough for China to win the World Cup, which shows how disappointed China fans are with the national football team.
There is another paragraph saying that a China fan died and met Emperor Di and said that he could satisfy a wish of China fans. China fans said that he wanted to blow up the island.
The emperor said it was too difficult. Change it.
So China fans said that he wanted China to win the World Cup.
Emperor wiped his sweat and asked, "What was your last wish? Show me the globe."
These paragraphs are full of tears and self-talk spirit of China fans, and they are also a kind of hatred of iron and steel.
There are also things like
"1.3 billion people can’t find 11 players who can play football."
"A heard that your brother plays football or is a member of the national team. B Your brother plays football and your family plays the national football."
"The biggest thing for Zheng Zhi is to kick the opponent into Zheng Zhihua."
"No one can win table tennis in China or football in China."
"Smoking is harmful to health and watching the national football is harmful to life"
"The current situation of the national football team, the age-based fictional brain rust teases the attack base by walking the ball base by watching and stopping the ball base by passing the hand base by yelling and defending the base by hugging the ball base."
All these are created by China fans in the face of the darkness of China football.
It was not until Lu Wenbin appeared that China fans saw a different China player and led China football to achieve various breakthrough achievements.
Club Lu Wenbin won the Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga Champions League three times, three times, six times and so on.
Lu Wenbin, the national team, led the China men’s soccer team to win the first Asian Cup and the Olympic team to win the first Olympic Games.
In terms of personal honor, Lu Wenbin won ten goals in a single game, the first scorer in the history of the Champions League, 16 goals in the year, four consecutive European Golden Boots, three consecutive Golden Globe Awards and three consecutive Lawrence Awards.
Lu Wenbin influenced the country to set off a severe anti-gambling and black storm against China football, which made the football atmosphere in China clear and covered the campus football leagues at all levels of universities, middle schools and primary schools in China more and more perfect.
Lu Wenbin’s influence on kicking children is increasing, and China’s football reserve force is skyrocketing.
夜网论坛The population base of football has gone to the future, and China football may win the Asian Cup and the Olympic Games even without Lu Wenbin.
Now Lu Wenbin has led the national football team to become the first team to break out of the World Cup qualifiers and advance to the World Cup in Brazil.
Today, several China fans finally feel the happiness of football.