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If the amniotic fluid breaks, the children will be in danger and must be born as soon as possible.

Lan Jingyi walked back and forth in the ward, mumbling to call for two babies to come out and have a face-to-face talk with her. I miss these two children who haven’t met yet.
The doctor came to check again.
After the inspection, it is a serious sign that Lanqing Road "family members come out."
Lan Qing quickly followed the doctor out and said, "The child is too big to be born. If you can’t, you can have a caesarean section. Of course, you can have a natural birth."
Lan Qing nodded, "Listen to the doctor and decide what to do." How did she feel that she was not so nervous when she gave birth, but her daughter was nervous when she gave birth to a child?
"Mom, what did the doctor say?" See LanQing has just been called out LanJingYi natural some doubts.
约茶"Oh, the doctor said that if you break the amniotic fluid first, you will have a caesarean section. I think it’s all right. It will also keep your perfect figure. Hey, this is a good suggestion."
"Mom, what’s my figure like in the future? But I want to have a natural birth and give the children exercise to let them know that it’s not easy to come to this world."
"If you can have a natural delivery, you can have a natural delivery. If you can’t have a caesarean section, we’ll settle it." The mother and daughter are always discussing with Liu Wentao. It’s not convenient for a big man to come in this ward, but they still accommodate the doctors and nurses.
"Yi Yi, how are you?" She wants to give birth to Jiang Junyue’s child, but he is also nervous with him. This is really a shame. Sometimes when he is selfish, he just wants Lan Jingyi to give birth to these two children, but it is just a moment. The thought that losing these two children may lead to reaction and heartache makes him think that she was born smoothly.
"It’s okay. It’s all arranged here in the hospital. I’m prepared for caesarean section if I can’t give birth naturally." I’m going to be a mother-to-be. She thought of all the possibilities before entering the hospital
Beautiful music resounded through the ward at this moment, and Liu Wentao rang. He took a glance and picked it up, then walked out of the ward while listening to it.
"You can handle it."
"Stupid guy can’t handle such a few things, I can’t get away." What happened to the city company is that Lan Jingyi will be born soon at this point.
Listen, listen, Lu Wentao’s face changed slightly. He really wondered if Jiang Junyue was secretly playing tricks on his company. But at this time, he didn’t think of anything and didn’t go back. His hands were overwhelmed and he went into the ward. "Yiyi, I may have to go back to China for a day or two. Can you stay here with Aunt Qing?" It’s really not at ease. After all, how much it will make women feel at ease to have a man outside?
"I can do it. Go home quickly and stop running around." Seeing that Liu Wentao was so anxious that his head was covered with sweat, Lan Jingyi was very sorry. After all, the child was not him but Jiang Junyue.
In the end, Lu Wentao had to leave, and the employees of the company went on strike. Lu’s stock fell every day, and he dared not disturb him at this time if it was not handled by hands.
Chapter 6 Two Babies
In the end, Lu Wentao had to leave, and the employees of the company went on strike. Lu’s stock fell every day, and he dared not disturb him at this time if it was not handled by hands.
"Ah …" A dull pain in the abdomen. This time, the pain was different.+= The pain was different. Lan Jingyi’s consciousness was muffled and made doctors and nurses rush in. At first glance, he saw that the red liquid was flowing along Lan Jingyi’s legs-"Send it to the operating room quickly".
That red is too eye-catching
Lan Jingyi was pushed into the operating room.
That kid will meet Jiang Junyue soon. Believe me, soon, soon, but we can’t think of a way to meet! !
Or the pain is numb, so Lan Jingyi no longer feels the pain.
At the moment when she was lying flat on the operating table, she was somewhat overwhelmed and nervous. Even before entering the hospital, she thought that there might be a caesarean section. However, at the thought of having her abdomen cut open, she still could not help but be afraid of holding a little nurse’s hand tightly and refused to let go.
The good doctor saw that her forehead was covered with sweat, and knew that she was nervous and afraid, and she didn’t tear the little nurse apart-she held it.
Lan Jingyi closed her eyes, and her hands were all sweaty with the little nurse’s hands.
Just imagine that hand as Jiang Junyue’s big hand, and imagine that he holds her hand warmly, and he gives her strength. That’s how she thinks, and gradually she is not afraid.
The anesthetic came, and the operation seemed to have begun. She chose the local anesthesia station, and her brain was still awake. She heard the sound of the instrument again and again, and sure enough, as the doctor said, she really didn’t feel any pain.
Gradually Lan Jingyi relaxed her body pains for so long, and now she really wants to sleep.
But in my heart, I am so eager to see two children at once. I wonder if the children are two boys or two girls or twins.
As far as I can imagine, the operation is going smoothly.
"Miss Lan, do you like boys or girls?" Seeing that she closed her eyes and cared for the 9999 doctor, she was still nervous and talked to her.
"Girl" Lan Jingyi wants to say that many women feel that it is very hard to have menstruation and have children, but she feels that being a woman is very happy, just like at the moment, although giving birth to a child has to go through this operation, it is also a kind of growth, so that she can finally upgrade to be a mother.
The more life experiences, the more worth reading. She never regrets being a woman. On the contrary, she is glad that she is a daughter and will soon become a mother again.
"Oh, you’ll know after a while. Guess whether it’s a boy or a girl who comes out first?" The little nurse asked again
"Girl" girl is a mother’s sweet little cotton-padded jacket. She still wants a girl.
"Come out …" The little nurse shouted excitedly and then Lan Jingyi heard a loud cry, "Boys and girls?" She asked softly, expecting too much.