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Khedira gave the ball to Lu Wenbin. Lu Wenbin started a long-distance attack with the ball. Four people were killed in the middle of the attack and reached the forbidden zone line.

Then Lu Wenbin started shooting directly from the forbidden zone line.
The ball crossed a weak arc and just avoided the goalkeeper’s ten fingers, then grazed the far post and flew into the net nest.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick to rewrite the score by 52 and completely sealed the victory.
There are a few situations left in the game that are three goals behind, and it is impossible for the royal society to make a comeback.
Even Gleizman seems to have lost the motivation to fight. After the kick-off, he didn’t run much, and he didn’t say much.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
Real Madrid won the 37th round of La Liga with a hat-trick by Lu Wenbin and a 52-win victory over Real Sociedad by Kaka and Zema.
In this regard, La Liga is three points ahead of Barcelona, and Real Madrid is no longer in charge of Barcelona.
Real Madrid won the La Liga title in 212-2013 with 32 wins, 4 draws, 1 loss and 1 point. It successfully defended its title and won the five-time title.
One more Champions League and Real Madrid will become the sixth champion of the season after the sixth champion of the year.
Chapter 649 Champions League final against Bayern
After defending the La Liga champion, Lu Wenbin also won the reward experience of La Liga champion in the season, adding 10,000 skill points and 1 skill point, with a balance of 35 points.
夜网论坛The next day, Real Madrid, who won the championship in the first round earlier, returned to Madrid with the La Liga trophy of 212-2013 season and was warmly welcomed by several Real Madrid fans.
This time, after Real Madrid returned to Madrid, it held a slightly larger celebration and marched with the championship trophy.
But it’s not too intense. After all, Real Madrid’s season is not over yet, and they still have a Champions League final to play.
If this Champions League final is won by Real Madrid, it will set a number of records. After the Champions League reform, the first defending Champions League champion team will become the sixth champion in the first season and the first team to become the third champion for two consecutive seasons.
For Lu Wenbin personally, it is even crazier.
If you take the Champions League last season, Lu Wenbin will win the Champions League for four consecutive seasons and the Triple Crown for four consecutive seasons, which is a record estimated by the ancients and later.
In particular, except for Lu Wenbin, other players of the Triple Crown can hardly win once in their whole lives. Lu Wenbin can win four times in a row.
Therefore, whether it is real Madrid club or individual players, everyone attaches great importance to the Champions League final in five days, and no one has let go and celebrated it.
Players, family and friends also try not to disturb them and let them concentrate on preparing for the Champions League.
Lu Wenbin and Kate’s wedding date has already been set, but Kate and her parents, relatives and friends are responsible for the wedding company. Lu Wenbin needs to play his own game and get married when the time comes.
Have a rest for a day and then train for a day. On May 23rd, Real Madrid flew to England.
The venue of the Champions League final is Wembley Stadium, where Lu Wenbin participated in the Olympic finals and won the championship.
When he arrived in London for an interview, Lu Wenbin said that he had the experience of winning the championship at Wembley Stadium and could lead Real Madrid to win the Champions League.
Bayern Munich, on the other hand, is relatively low-key
I can’t help it. Now Real Madrid and Lu Wenbin are too strong. The teams are not sure of winning, and it’s hard to shout big words.
Even if you shout out most of them, it will only add to the jokes and make a fool of yourself. Therefore, no one even comes out to brag in Bayern Munich, and is preparing for the final silently.
But not boasting doesn’t mean Bayern Munich has to surrender.
Last season, I lost to Real Madrid in the final. Bayern Munich naturally didn’t want to lose again.
People who lost once and missed the championship are even more obsessed. Bayern Munich’s desire to win this final is even stronger.
After arriving in London, Lu Wenbin Hotel had a simple birthday and announced that he was 23 years old.
A day later, at 2: 45pm on May 25th, the final of the 212-2013 UEFA Champions League between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich officially started with the whistle of the referee at Wembley Stadium in London.
Real Madrid is still the starting goalkeeper of the 4231 formation or casillas.
Despite mu
Reading in sections 35
Mourinho and casillas are full of contradictions, but in this case, Mourinho chose San Cassie in the Champions League final of the six-time champion.
In the back line, Carvalho was injured and stopped, but right Ramos partnered with Pepe. The left-back of the center-back was unable to shake Marcelo and the right-back was arbeloa.
On the back, Khedira and Xabi Alonso are still partners.
The front waist is naturally Lu Wenbin, the left avant-garde is Luo Youwei, Mourinho, Ozil and Di Maria chose Ozil Di Maria to sit on the bench.
On the forward side, Zema was unlucky enough to catch a cold.
Although it is not serious, it is no longer suitable for the starting game. I can sit on the bench and watch Higuain take his place as a single striker.
Bayern Munich, on the other hand, played the 4321 formation with heavier defensive traces and sent the strongest array they could.
The starting goalkeepers are Neuer defender Ram, boateng, Dante, Alaba midfielder Martins, Gustavo, Shi Weins Tiger, double halfback Ribery, and Luo striker Gomez.
One more waist and one less front waist than Real Madrid. Obviously Bayern is more defensive and counter-attacking than Real Madrid.