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The other party must be furious.

I immediately turned to see Li Yuyan. She squinted at the policemen and seemed surprised.
Is she acting?
Who else knows about this except that she confessed?
She must have forged another copy to capture me at this banquet.
I shrink my leaves more tightly into my arms.
I can rely on Ye Xiangyuan in the face of a room full of spectators eyeing the police.
Or I tell everyone that I still have Ye Xiangyuan to rely on.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me tightly as if to comfort me.
桑拿网But it was Ye Li who spoke. He frowned and asked the police, "What’s going on?"
The first policeman said, "She is suspected of a murder case. After investigation and proof, it has been confirmed that she is the murderer. We are here to arrest her. This is an arrest warrant."
Ye Li didn’t seem to hear "murder?"
The policeman then repeated it again.
Ye Li was silent for a long time for Ye Xiang. "If this girl really has a problem, you can cut her off now."
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t even lift his eyelids as if he hadn’t heard him.
I quietly tugged at his sleeve.
He looked down at me.
I leaned into his ear and said, "Let me come."
He looked at me deeply for a moment and put me down.
I smiled at him and went to the police and said, "If this arrest warrant is true, I will cooperate."
Pay attention to each other’s expression, and the other person is still a unsmiling face.
I knew that they couldn’t soften up because of my words, so they changed the subject and said, "But I want to report a case before that."
The first policeman seemed surprised.
I stretched out my hand and pointed to the side of Ye Sanye, Li Qingqing said, "I want to report her."
Li Qingqing stared at me coldly for two seconds. "Are you a mad dog who bites me when you see someone? I want to hear what you want to report me."
Others are staring at me. They are all Li family cronies, and Li Qingqing supports her behind her.
I smiled and ignored her and handed the original recording and photos to the first policeman. "This is evidence of a crime. She is the daughter of the Li family. She shouted and killed by her powerful family. Now it is a society ruled by law. I don’t believe that she can cover the sky and hope that the police comrades can handle this matter strictly and fairly."
In fact, I’ll make it sound impressive. These people are aristocratic families, and they are not law-abiding people. In other words, who doesn’t like to dominate the world?
Even if the leaves are far away, they are not very clean.
But since Li Yuyan asked the police to deal with me, of course I will turn against an army.
Li Qingqing has come to my mind and immediately retorted, "You are a dirty lie! Our Li family has always been the most law-abiding. You are spreading rumors and slandering! "
I squinted at her and smiled, "Don’t let us see the evidence first."
The police put the recording on the spot and looked through the photos. Then they turned to Li Qingqing and said, "Madam, you are suspected of breaking the law. Please come with us."
Said before will Li Qingqing buckle a pair of justice.
I can’t help wondering.
Didn’t Li Yuyan find these people? Why did they just detain Li Qingqing? Aren’t they afraid of Li’s troubles?