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A few hours’ flight knocked down neighboring countries. There are the best hot springs in the world, and they are the best in hot springs.

They set off from the capital of a neighboring country by car and rolled over to Kusatsu-machi.
Kusatsu-machi is a small town located 2 kilometers northwest of Tokyo. It is a mountain sightseeing town that can enjoy the natural scenery of the four seasons. The population is only about 7, but the number of tourists is as high as 30,000. It is one of the three most famous Japanese soups. This is also the first time that Kusatsu Hot Springs have been ranked first in the list for 12 consecutive years.
There are only a handful of natural springs in Caojin Hot Springs. Most bacteria and miscellaneous bacteria are also propagated by law, which has superior bactericidal power and of course beautiful skin function. Caojin folk songs have also sung "Everything can be cured except lovesickness" since ancient times, which shows that Caojin Hot Springs have a high therapeutic effect.
品茶论坛They didn’t stay in a hotel, but went to the hot spring town. They have asked friends here to book a hot spring shop to receive their party during this period.
This hot spring shop has a beautiful environment and is very secluded. They don’t want to be disturbed by others and are very satisfied.
Lin Mochen and their shopkeepers and clerks received them warmly when they arrived.
The shopkeeper also personally took Lin Mochen to their respective rooms, and Lin Mochen and Lu You, Fu Hanyu and Fang Jing, lived alone.
Finally, it was Gu Nanqing’s turn and Su Man Su Man spoke first. "I want to live alone-I like silence."
"Are you kidding?" After Gu Na listened, the knife-shaped eyebrows put their arms around her shoulders and said to the boss, "We have the final say."
"Gu always sleeps a long time, so you’d better not be with her. I’m afraid she’ll kick you to the bed after she falls asleep." Lu You also helps his friends to clear up. "Gu always thinks of you."
Gu Nan tilted her eyes and looked at Su Man around her. "Is that so?"
Su Man nodded heavily "yes"
"I’m not afraid of being kicked." Gu Nanqing pinched Su Mamba and smiled uberly. "It’s such a happy decision!"
His tone is still calm, but with irresistible majesty.
"Then Mr. Gu, please come with me." The shopkeeper led the way.
Su Man stood still and Gu Nanqing took her. "Don’t worry, kick me, I won’t kick me back and bully you."
Su Man is about to vomit blood. She’s too lazy to bully him.
After the shopkeeper left, Su Man was taken to the room by Gu Nanqing and put the salute box in his hand.
Su Man looked at the door and stepped back. "Gu always can’t discuss it again."
"There’s nothing to discuss" Gu Nanqing took off her coat and walked up to her. "Didn’t you see it? Chen and Han Yu share a room with their own women, but you want to separate from me. What do you want them to think of me? "
"They are husband and wife living in one room. It’s normal. We’re not husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, are we? Can’t you be so strong? " Su Man told him the truth "Gu Zong!"
Gu Nanqing’s sharp eyes locked on her. Because of what she just said, her eyes were obviously unhappy. He approached her step by step, retreated step by step, and then retreated again.
She swallowed a throat nervously. "Gu Zong, can you step back a little? We can’t talk well like you. "
Gu Nanqing not only didn’t get out of the way, but also leaned closer to her, so close that their noses were stuck together, and he snorted and sprayed her face.
He stretched out his hand to support her ears, and those eyes were interesting and she couldn’t understand the color flow.
"I won’t blame you if Su Man takes back what you just said." Gu Nanqing didn’t like her so much to resist herself.
He really likes this woman, and she wants to distance herself from him, which makes her unhappy.
"Manager Gu, I didn’t say anything wrong. Which sentence do you want me to take back?" Sue diffuse also stubbornly meet his sharp eyes.
Although she tried to calm herself down, she still couldn’t help but feel a little nervous and uneasy. Her heart beat faster, which was related to her feelings because she was a peach tree full of temptations.
"Su Man, you are so smart that you don’t know that Gu Nan is about to kiss her lip." Do you want me to prove something? "
When he finished, he put his hands around her wrists and fixed the wall behind him.
He bowed his head and kissed her lips without listening to what she would say next.
This is the first time Gu Nanqing kissed her. She was so nervous and scared that she closed her eyes tightly and her body was so tight that she could relax herself to face her.
And he also felt her tight. He kissed very softly and left in a few seconds, but this short time has also made Gu Nanqing somewhat obsessed with her lips, which are so soft and attractive.
Su Man did not feel the expected strength and wildness, but was gentle instead.
"Su Man, don’t imagine me badly. I didn’t force women to get used to it, and I didn’t bother to force me to tell you that I am very gentle." Gu Nan leaned her ear and whispered "Don’t worry."
Then he let go of her wrist and stepped back.
Su Man felt that it was news that she belonged to Gu Nanqing’s taste before her, and she slowly opened her eyes. She stood still.
Gu Nanqing has begun to take a suit from his salute box. "I’m going to take a shower and change clothes. Please tidy it up yourself. Remember what I said just now. If you don’t obey me, I won’t abide by what I said just now. I want you to be my woman and I’d better not annoy me."
He finished talking without looking back, and then the result went to the shower door and there was a burst of water.
Su Man is constantly taking a deep breath and trying to calm his mood.