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But watching the little things in high spirits, she didn’t want to disturb the two little guys, Liu Wentao, who was originally with her. As a result, she was entangled by an executive. Looking far away, Jiang Junyue was carried to Lanjing Inari, but he was inconvenient to send it.

Lan Jingyi was entangled in her daughter and Jiang Junyue, and her arms around the two little things brought her a warm feeling. To tell the truth, she likes this Xiaoxi more and more, which is really lovable.
"Rush …" In one second, Lan Jingyi was so beautiful that she was completely ruined. Xiaoxi peed and she peed Lan Jingyi.
Section 63
Nanny immediately grabbed Xiaoxi. "Oh, Mrs. Blue, I’m sorry. You see, I see that you and your daughter came in a hurry and forgot to give the child a diaper. Why don’t I take you to the lounge to change clothes?"
Lan Jingyi got up and shook, but she saw a huge watermark’ map’ all over her body. She was not only wet by something in the evening ceremony, but also wet by something in her pants in the evening ceremony. At this moment, she is really uncomfortable. What’s more striking is that when the evening ceremony is wet, she will stick on her body rather than see her skin like Lan Jingyi blushing through the cloth and say, "Okay, I’ll change with you."
The elegant and light music in the lobby of Rafael Hotel soothes the flowing crowd. The auxiliary music is a huge LCD screen, which is constantly rolling and playing super beautiful mv clips.
Lan Jingyi hugged Xiao Qinqin and followed the nanny to rest not far away. Liu Wentao’s sight had already gone with the past. The executives beside him perfunctory a few words and turned and walked in the direction of Lan Jingyi. Somehow Liu Wentao smelled something strange in the air as if something was about to happen.
"Window …" But Liu Wentao took two steps and was stopped by a familiar woman.
The familiar sound made his footsteps stagnate and then turned around. "Why are you here?" I didn’t expect that Xiao Xue was here.
"Come to General Manager Jiang’s engagement party. By the way, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend abigail, the representative of ssp company in the city. General Manager Lu hopes you can meet organically."
Lu Wentao’s face changed slightly. ssp is a big guest of Lu’s. He handed his hand to abigail. "Welcome to the city and have a good time." Recently, ssp is looking for a Chinese partner to build a large entertainment city. No wonder he has never made progress. At this moment, Lu Wentao came to nothing. Perhaps it was because of the light snow.
"Oh, it must be pleasant to meet organically." abigail smiled and immediately took the stranger Xiaoxue. "Xiaoxue, let’s go to Mr. Jiang’s place over there."
He speaks poor Chinese, but obviously abigail is more interested in contacting Jiang Junyue than Lu Wentao. "Abigail …"
In response to Lu Wentao, it was Mo Xiaoxue abigail who went hand in hand and the back was harmonious and well matched.
When a woman hates it, she will retaliate against Liu Wentao. But at the beginning, he and she agreed to be sunny, so in the end, it was Mo Xiaoxue who broke the agreement, not him, but she wanted to be his wife.
It was such an episode that when Liu Wentao turned around and searched for Lan Jingyi’s figure, the hall was gone. It seemed that she could go to any exit and entrance, but it seemed that she would not go to any one.
Liu Wentao stepped up his pace and searched in the hall. It seems that if he can’t find her at this moment, maybe a generation will lose it, but he doesn’t want to lose it.
"Mr. Jiang Junyue, the president of Jiang’s family, is about to start the engagement party." Suddenly, the emcee announced that the engagement party was about to start, but it was strange that the emcee said a person’s name, that is, Jiang Junyue’s name, but there was no hostess Lome Wei at the engagement party tonight.
With the music of the master of ceremonies gradually disappearing, the large LCD screen began to change, and people in the hall stopped curiously to want to bet on the scenery of the engagement party for two people, especially the ladies who were present, waiting for Jiang Junyue to appear. The man was so eye-catching, and wherever he went, he just told his eyes.
Suddenly, when the hall was quiet, the whole hall was quiet as if a pin could be heard. With this silence, everyone’s eyes fell in unison. In the dynamic picture of the super-large screen behind the master of ceremonies, a man and a woman were entangled and there was no sound, but they could feel that the sound picture of men and women was moving all the time without even playing the mosaic, so two faces appeared, and … as if they could still hear the sound of men and women.
Lome EU followed the crowd’s line of sight, and then she petrified on the spot "Ah … Ah … Ah …" She hysterically shouted that night was a bad drama of Yunfei, but she never thought that it was actually recorded more than her engagement party was broadcast. She really couldn’t stand the blow, and the whole person collapsed instantly, leaving a whine. What was wrong? What’s wrong?
As for Lome Wei, when she couldn’t bear to faint in her wheelchair, Jiang Junyue walked to the emcee stage with a cool expression, grabbed the emcee microphone and calmly said, "Lock down all entrances and exits, no matter who plays it, they will be detained and handed over to the police for disposal." The expression said as if it were the same as him, but the woman in the picture just now was that he was going to get engaged to the heroine tonight.
People in the hall began to fall into whispers again, and many people began to sympathize with Jiang Junyue. It was a shameful thing that a man was cuckolded by a woman in public.
Luo Qijiang came here for nothing at this time. Jiang Junyue has been playing with what? He rushed to Lome Wei in a few steps. "Mei Wei, wake up and don’t be afraid to tell me what happened. Did someone force you to shoot?"
"Let’s go in Qijiang" Mrs. Luo was already trembling. When she found her daughter early that day, she felt wrong, but Lome Wei didn’t say anything about what happened. But now that the picture was broadcast in public, how could Jiang Jia agree to Jiang Junyue’s daughter’s engagement?
It is impossible that even she herself feels ashamed to let her daughter get engaged to Jiang Junyue again.
桑拿网Chapter 114 Two rings
"Mom is Jiang Junyue, he must have done it." Luo Qijiang turned to sweep Jiang Junyue’s face, full of anger, and he wanted to kill Jiang Junyue before he rushed to Jiang Junyue, but then he received a text message.
Yunfei’s two words can’t stop flashing with a crush on my heart and anger. Luo Qijiang just opened the text message.
"You can’t fight Cheng Ge and take Mei Wei. If she wants to, I’ll take care of it. I’ll marry her."
By getting her sister to be his Yunfei, what did she say about marrying Luo Qijiang back to the word "go to hell" and then moved Yunfei number into the blacklist "Mom, let’s go"? This is Jiang Junyue’s sister again. It’s hard for him to withdraw his revenge for ten years. Jiang Junyue has been arguing with him since then.
There was a little commotion in the crowd and everyone was talking about it.
When Luo family came, it was still pays photogenic, but at the moment, they are all more embarassed than the original fiancee, and now they have fainted, and Jiang Junyue is still elegant to leave the master of ceremonies, and there is no embarrassing reaction because of the just picture.
He Ling couldn’t resist it. She just wanted to stop Mrs. Lover, but it’s impossible for the Jiang family to marry a woman like that after what happened to Lome Wei. But now Lome Wei doesn’t think this engagement party should be over, too?
He Ling walked quickly towards the master’s platform, but there was another Jiang Han beside him. "Master, let me give you this." There are five dna test reports and several photos. The photos are two little things, a little boy and a little girl. Both of them are as beautiful as watching the master staring at the photo. Jiang Han continued, "Master Jiang always said that these two children would have to marry the children if they want to return to the motherland, or their mothers would simply send them abroad and let them die."