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Seeing him leaving, I hurried forward and said, "Maybe you are wrong about me. I am really timid …"

Ye Xiangyuan stopped and narrowed his eyes. "Not on the contrary."
I looked at him.
He smiled. "I can’t be wrong when I give it to you."
I’m really annoyed at this. I don’t want to keep the surface calm and the cold face. "You are master Ye’s family. You have many means to force me to agree, but what’s the point?" If you want to spread the word, there must be thousands of girls willing to marry you. "
Ye Xiangyuan was not angry when I grabbed the white. He took those dark eyes and slowly swept me. "I think it’s very interesting."
I "…"
桑拿网  title=In the end, it was unpleasant and I walked out without saying a word.
Ye Xiangyuan Yuzryha smelled me and I refused without hesitation.
He didn’t insist on giving me a deep look.
I don’t know at this time, Xiao Yejin woke up in a daze and called her aunt when she opened her mouth.
I stare big eyes and look at it in disbelief.
Xiao Ye Jin pursed her mouth with meat and a pair of chubby hands rubbing her eyes. What’s more, he shouted at me softly and waxy, "Hug …"
I realized that I really wanted to hold him in my arms and knead him well. It was so cute.
But suddenly I caught a glimpse of Ye Xiangyuan and I hesitated again.
Since I don’t want to get involved with him too much, I’d better keep my distance from his nephew.
Xiao Ye Jin may have waited for a long time before I hugged him, and his eyes were shining with tears.
My heart is breaking.
I’m hesitating to listen to Ye Xiang from afar. "Aunt has something to go and say goodbye to her."
Xiao Ye Jin lay on his shoulder, wronged and bent his mouth, but waved his little hand tenderly.
I reluctantly smiled, "Goodbye, Xiao Jin …"
In winter, the north wind is cold and biting, so I wrapped my coat and walked to the street.
I took Ye Xiangyuan’s car to my car and took a taxi at the intersection I wanted at school.
The cold wind roared by, and I watched the traffic lights change constantly, while the leaves galloped away in front of me and soon disappeared from my sight.
I don’t know why I suddenly feel depressed.
When I got home, my father watched my mother bake purple potatoes in the oven in the kitchen.
The warm air coming from my face with the smell of fireworks made me cry instantly.
My parents have to go to Africa, but they are worried that the chess game will hit me too much and stay with me.
I have been independent since I was a child. Maybe this time it really worried them.
My dad turned around and smiled and asked, "Why are you stupid?"
It happened that my mother came out with roasted purple potatoes and a face of doubt.
I quickly held back my tears, changed my shoes and ran over with a smile.
After eating, my mother called me to my room
She touched my head and said, "We haven’t chatted for a long time."
I couldn’t help laughing. "Mom, you are so serious."
She also smiled lovingly at me and said, "Your father and I have been busy after work for so many years, and we have been running around the world to get along with you too little and lack communication …"