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The first chapter of the snow (3)

Wu Bing, Qing Yu and others retreated, and the morale of free players was greatly boosted for a long time. It is rare to have such a big battle in the dreary fairyland. Although the artifact is not known yet, since they are desperately trying to stop themselves and others from passing, what is their departure direction?
Some freelancers have been to Citadel and told their friends nearby that they had been to Citadel for 100 years. Soon, many people agreed to visit Citadel and called many players who had no line and players who had no line to come here.
And another group of small guild players who have been teased by the soldiers will certainly not let go of the soldiers, and they are even more unwilling to head for the snowy city when they hear that there are artifacts in front.
Then blue cloud, Locke, and two other mysterious forces came from behind, followed by a huge team of players, which was more than ten kilometers long, and the number of people could not be counted less than 30 million. In this case, players are even more reluctant to fall down, and there is little excitement to see. How can they let go? People are still very curious.
Before we arrived in Syracuse, we saw a huge’ door’ towering into the sky, and there was a smaller’ door’ next to it. People were talking about what it was.
It’s too hard to really love you. The old habit has been made again. With the special features of his suit, he crossed all the players and ran to the first Xiang Xue City. Some players stopped to watch and began to move in the direction of’ door’.
Soldiers, disease, dark fire, blood repellent, ice fox, armed soldiers, sunny rain, Oriental Yiping, Zhang Xian, Chris (pupil), Qin Yong and other people gathered together and they were waiting for me to speak.
"All of you have finished the foreplay. At least half of the players in the fairyland are coming to us. We are going to start the final plan [nightmare]!"
桑拿论坛"I repeat the details in the plan. First of all, we five brothers and sisters go directly to the underground cave to prepare for life test, so please."
"Dark fire repels blood, ice fox. You three are responsible for introducing people into caves. No matter what you can do, people in the Oriental family of our guild must not leak air."
"Sister, it’s up to you to prepare for reality. If I really succeed, I will make myself capable immediately."
"Qin Yong thanked your father for me. This may be the last time we meet."
"Fine son, have you decided? But if I don’t succeed, you won’t make a decision. "
"Chris pupil, please wait here until I come back, and if you see Tianwu, tell her for me that no matter what she decides, she should be happy and live happily. If she decides to stay in the real world, I will help her eliminate her memory. Of course, so will you, so you don’t worry about your own decision."
"Brothers, Sunny, let’s go and do what we should do."
Disease method took my shoulder and the soldiers followed us. Wu Bing and Qing Yu went out arm in arm together. Chris wanted to chase him out and was held by Dongfang Yiping.
"Chris, trust him."
Zhang Xian has been looking at the disappearing figure and thinking about erasing my memory. What about you?
"Dad, be careful that ice Polly can’t run away." Tianwu took her father just LV1 to Xiang Xue Dancheng. Although there were leaves and evening clouds next to it, there were many monsters around, and Tianwu didn’t have a templar army around him to make [sacrifice]. Therefore, her father had no guarantee that he could kill all the monsters near him.
"Day dance elder sister want to call MuEr come over? How can a priest have a lot of peace? "Ye saw that this was not the way, so he suggested.
"Yeah, I wonder if she has a line."
Mu Er soon caught up and heard that it was Tianwu’s father’s game. Suddenly, he was a little nervous. Seeing Mu Er’s sample laughed, "Uncle is still a beginner. It depends on your protection."
It’s almost time to look at Tianwu. There are many players around who are rushing to Xuexian City. They quickly said, "Let’s hurry, too. Muer, help my father add [bully evil array] and go."
When Tianwu and others came to Syracuse, the players were rushing to the tall’ door’. Tianwu asked a person next to him what happened. It happened that it was’ too hard to really love you’. He knew Tianwu, a very strong woman, and the individual champion of the multi-boundary fairyland challenge. So he said, "It’s rare for Tianwu to be president. You are here. Don’t you know? Behind the’ door’ turned out to be another world. How fresh you say, and I heard that five artifacts were thrown there. Now all players want to grab the artifacts first. You see, it’s been an hour, and there are still so many players who can’t get in. Although the’ door’ is big, they still can’t come. "
Tianwu asked strangely, "Why don’t you go there?"
It’s too hard to really love you,’ Nai clapped his hands and said,’ I’ve already passed, and I’m the first one. Unfortunately, I was cleaned up by the guards behind the’ door’ and came back from the resurrection point.’
Tianwu probably knows the development of the elegant plan after listening to it. It seems that it can be deceived. After all, human nature is greedy
It’s too hard to really love you. It’s really strange to look at Tianwu’s line of people, four beautiful women and a beginner. "Tianwu’s president won’t come here to watch the fun, will you?" Or to snatch the artifact? "
Tianwu laughed. "You’re right. I just came to watch the fun. Do you know where the elegant guild is?"
"Well, if you don’t talk about it, I’ll forget that I’ve never seen them coming out of the bell tower. Where have the guild members gone? How could the elegant man have an artifact and not come to get it? Strange strange "
After hearing what he said, Tianwu asked, "Well, do you know Elegant?"
"Of course, we have done it together. It’s a pity that he is a busy man and I like to take risks alone. It seems that I haven’t seen him for a while. Alas, I’m going to rule him out. I heard that the world behind the door is called the boundary. I’m really curious about what’s in that world. I’ve gone to the fairyland for seven or seven."
It’s too hard to really love you’ and then he rushed into the crowd and disappeared. Tianwu smiled and said to the rest of the people, "It seems that we want to go in and be elegant. Look at this crowd. It’s really cheating."
Chapter 9 The Snow Storm (4)
My new "An Ant" has been renamed "Ant is Crazy"! It’s really a very special film. I hope everyone will support it, otherwise it’s a pity not to write it!
Chapter 9 The Snow Storm (4)
"Brothers, the artifact is waiting for us to take it."
Keep refueling. All players are blocked by the door. A few players can get through it.’ It’s too hard to really love you’ is a very lucky guy, but he is also very lucky to be killed by the guard first.
There are hundreds of evil spirits wizards with ugly faces and thin bodies in the’ Gate’ passage. They called the evil spirits wizards to fill the passage, so it was very difficult for players to rush in. At first, small teams and guilds tried to rush in by body, but they soon found that this method was not effective. Even if they were killed for a while, they were killed back because of the constant call of the hundreds of evil spirits wizards. Later, players could think of a way to squeeze in desperately to compete for every inch. This method is really very effective. If a hell creature dies, a player will immediately squeeze into the channel, and the evil spirit wizard wants to call the hell creature, and there is no place to call him. Fortunately, the evil spirit wizard calls the hell creature, and none of them can fly.
When Tianwu came, the players had reached the edge of the other side of the channel, and the evil spirits and wizards were also eliminated. In half of the channel, the players were more excited, "Go!" "Kill!" Although the players in the back row can’t see it, they all want to squeeze in when they hear the noise of shouting and killing in the passage.
Dark fire watched the evil spirits wizards decrease and asked the blood repellent way around them, "Blood repellent, how can we lead them to the cave later?"
Blood-repellent eyes look to the east and look to the east and look to the east and look at the people. Fortunately, they thought it over in advance, so they said, "About 30% of the players who come here are attracted by us, and the challenges of the soldiers, the temptation of artifacts, the curiosity of human beings, the idea of gathering people and other factors have brought so many players. The enthusiasm of players has not been reduced, so they must continue to increase, so I have already prepared a batch of magic things, this batch of top magic things."
Everyone didn’t know what those monsters were that Dongfang Yiping said, but they didn’t ask, so what they had to do was to lead the players to the cave. Since Dongfang Yiping had a way, of course they were happy and relaxed.
"Wow …" A few players finally broke through the evil spirit wizard’s defense line and entered the boundary snowy city. This is because they can’t help but admire after seeing the scenery of the boundary snowy city.