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The dark fire is not five meters away from the lore, and he can be killed in a few steps. Suddenly, he feels that he is attacked by a heavy object behind him, losing his balance and throwing himself forward. Before he can reflect it, he is defeated by the blue fist blade in the lore, but he doesn’t even know how to lose, and he doesn’t want to ask. He shakes his head and leaves by himself.

The winner smiled and watched him leave his mouth and said, "Come to my guild more often. I like the arrival of strong assassins best!" "
"[* * fist], [serial palm], [raptor cross strike]!"
Repelling blood constantly makes boxing and martial arts hit the sky dance. Because this shield is so huge, it is two meters high and one meter wide. If you want to get over this shield, unless an assassin or hunter is agile, it is impossible to do it, so you can’t do it. So he can keep hitting this shield, but no matter how he plays the sky dance and picks up the shield, he doesn’t even step back. This blood repellent knows that I and the disease method didn’t lie to him. The sky dance is really strong.
"Have you had enough fun?" Tianwu danced the giant shield in his hand for a circle, and the shield wind blew the blood away by a few meters. Now that it’s depressing, it’s the shield wind that blew himself away. It seems that it’s not the ultimate trick.
Constantly [storing Qi] This is necessary for a monk to have many skills. Every time he stores one Qi, there will be a monk who can store up to five Qi around him. However, it is really difficult to [Asura Ba Huang Boxing]. It is necessary to store up enough five Qi to [explode] and let his body be covered with Qi, and then store five Qi. Although this trick is powerful, it makes the conditions harsh and dancing.
Now the blood body is constantly shining with crystal light. It can be seen that all the strength of the body is ready. He is very angry when he sees that Tianwu Root doesn’t stop himself from storing gas. It can be seen that Tianwu doesn’t look down on him at all. "Tianwu, don’t look down on me."
"[Asura Ba Huang Boxing]!"
A fist with a huge diameter of five meters was as aggressive as a solid three-dimensional animation and flew towards the sky dance. At this time, she took out her sword, red sword, red sword, huge shining sword, and the name’ God wishes’!
[Counter-attack] Knight skill is a very real move. The opponent’s attack instant should be grasped very accurately. If it is used too early or too late, it will be effective, but once it is used, it can return three times the attack power to the opponent.
Tianwu is a very tough person and a very clever person, so [counterattack] this trick is like a sharp sword in her hand. When a huge fist is 20 centimeters short of hitting her, [counterattack] skill makes Tianwu’s body immediately rotate by 1 degree, and’ God Wish’ drags the ground and touches a golden spark. In this millisecond, Tianwu immediately rotates by 1 degree again, and’ God Wish’ immediately turns into a golden light wall. This light wall is not blocking but cutting. This is a very thin light wall and it is the starting point and the end point of Tianwu. The light wall golden yellow light wall cut the huge fist in half and flew from the left and right sides of Tianwu to blow out two huge holes on the side of the venue behind Tianwu, but that light wall hit the blood repellent in the slightest, cut him in half and disappeared into white light ([Asura Ba Huang Boxing] has at least 2 attack power and is called the strongest blow, killing skill and returning three times, so you can imagine how much attack power there is).
After seeing this battle, all the players gasped. No one thought that [Asura Ba Huang Boxing] would be cut in half. This is the most advanced boxing attack in fairyland, and it can be said that it is comparable. However, when it comes to Tianwu, it is so easy to be broken, which makes many players start to think about their skills.
"What’s the matter? Is it so frustrating to repel blood? " Disease method with blood repellent shoulder and said
"Can not depressed? My strongest trick was cut in half, and even I was cut in half. At that moment, I felt that you wouldn’t dance in vain, and one day I would beat you again. "My eyes were full of revenge and anger."
He knows that Tianwu has done too much this time, so forget it. She doesn’t have to do this. It’s absolutely certain that she will flash this trick with her ability, but she doesn’t know what she likes to do. Kiki and Tianwu didn’t surrender or give up, but now the disease method can’t worry about the blood repellent. Although the first round of the disease method has died, if he kills again, then the final opponent must be Tianwu. I don’t know if the pores stand on end at the thought of the disease method.
I have an idea in my heart,’ Come on, let you taste failure!’
In the remaining two games, I’ll never see such a strong person as troubled times. Although I dare not say it’s easy, there is no such oppressive opponent in troubled times. I won the first place in LV-LV9 and Chris sent a private chat to congratulate me for the first time. At this moment, I think it’s a way to hug her tightly …
In addition, the dark fire was eliminated once and for all, and he lost in the last game. It was strange that he gave up because he didn’t say it, and no one knew it. But the dark fire seemed to feel that it was related to his final analysis, and he knew it. He must have made him understand the skills, but the sequelae of this skill did not last for a little while, but lasted for a long time, so he was willing to give up by himself.
That’s why I won the first prize easily. If I fight the winner once, I don’t know if I can guard against his secret trick. I don’t know what happened after losing in the dark fire, but we looked through the video and didn’t see that it could be attributed to the word’ mystery’.
The second chapter disease method VS day dance (a)
I asked anxiously, "How about competing with Tianwu?" But for a moment, I knew I must have lost when I saw the depressed blood repellent, but it’s not surprising that after all, my opponent is Tianwu. I turned to the disease method and said, "How’s it going? Have the confidence to have a dance with Tianwu? "
"I just waited until I didn’t change my job today before being bullied by her. It’s not so easy today!" Disease method clenched his fist with both hands and said that he was still a little nervous.
"Well done, I’ll wait for your good news. If you win the first place, it will be the first time for my two brothers to fight. Hehe, I’m really looking forward to it."
In the second round, the disease method has a little advantage, while the heavenly dance also kills the opponent to win the final battle, which determines that the disease method VS the heavenly dance.
Because the number of players in LV9-LV99 is relatively small, this game will be an elite competition and will not start until the winners are decided in all its levels.
The results of its level competition were all over at noon, which made many people lose their eyes. Because the first place in LV7 turned out to be a god official, I knew that it was the only god official in the game’ Qin Yong’. I had no idea that a priest reincarnated as a god official was like defeating its professional players, and the first place in LV7-LV79 was an alchemist named’ Chuang’, which was enough. The alchemist was a businessman who changed jobs, but I didn’t know what amazing attack power and magic were, and I didn’t know how. Of course, the name is my last individual competition, and the final of LV9-LV99 is left, so all eyes are on this competition. According to an intelligence organization somewhere, there are hundreds of millions of players watching this competition, and the names of Disease Method and Tianwu are more familiar to many people. I regret hearing this. Why didn’t I practice LV9 earlier?
Countless players are waiting for the final to begin!
Seeing Tianwu riding in discerning armor, Toucan is covered with silver and heavy armor. From head to foot, it is wrapped in a tight metal helmet, swordsmen’s earmuffs, metal masks, super-metal steel armor, soldiers’ long shoes, a bloody cloak, and a huge shield. At first glance, it is simply a mobile fortress. I wonder if the Toucan has been specially trained or how else it could be able to camel up such a heavy thing.
Besides the famous soul stick and lying notes, it is really ordinary, especially the apple headdress on his head, which has destroyed his image to the fullest and danced day by day ~ prison, but I don’t think so. The physical ability of illness is much better than those equipment.
"This is the second time that Tianwu has played against me. This time, I’m not as easy to bully as I was last time," said Dafa to Tianwu.
"Oh, have we ever played? But it doesn’t matter. Let’s get started! " Tianwu casually said
"You …" The disease method was so excited that he couldn’t say a word, and the dance didn’t take him seriously.
Unified broadcast "the game begins!"
The disease method immediately used [automatic incantation] and [water attribute addition]. This time, the disease method did not use hard-hitting tactics but used magic, because he knew that hard-hitting was not good for dancing in heaven, and the sage was also a double-cultivation profession of magic and martial arts
The disease method starts to move constantly, because the sages have skills [free casting], so the magic of singing duration can be cast while moving, and the disease method is now cast as [splitting], but it is strange that it is not ordinary [splitting] but [superposition splitting], which is also the magic that the disease method understands through fighting.
And Tianwu [the bully] and a clap of Toucan’s ass behind him immediately rushed over to the disease method. At this time, Tianwu has put away the huge shield and chased after it with one hand holding the’ God Wish’ and biting the traces of the disease method.
The disease method shouted "[superposition splitting]!"
约茶Immediately, a lot of sharp soil spikes came out from the ground, and one left and one right attacked the sky dance at the same time. The sky dance was also a clever person. If it was successful, even the heavy armor would be injured. Therefore, she jumped into the toucan with both hands and held the hilt at the same time [angrily]. The tip of the sword jumped up and hit the ground, and the shock force spread circumferentially, blasting the ground stones and soil around. The soil-soil collision just hit two times [fragmentation]. The result of the collision was to stir up dust all over the venue for all the audience to see.
When you hear the constant impact and the ground shaking, you can imagine that it must be the disease that makes the earth magic and the sky dance fight opaque. In the dense dust, the disease and the sky dance can’t see each other, but the natural warrior momentum of the sky dance body is very obvious, which marks her position. Therefore, this collision can be said to be beneficial to the disease and the disease can benefit the sage’s specialty. It is constantly moving, constantly harassing the sky dance with single fast magic [lightning stroke] [ice arrow] [rocket] [holy spirit call]. These four kinds of magic are constantly attacking. At this time, I also have some regrets about hitting Tianwu. The advantage of the knight is the strong impact, but now the opponent can’t find the figure and has been under attack. At this time, Tianwu doesn’t dare to be attacked because of going, so Tianwu puts away the toucan and moves as fast as the disease, but the moving speed is really too slow for the armor Tianwu!