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The doorman’s words made Lan Jingyi let go. "So you mean I can go in?"

"Don’t" Leng Mo Yi "Everyone inside was shocked by you and let you in. I still have to lose my job. Don’t even think about it."
"That I don’t sway, I quietly wait here for others not to note you quietly let me in again, ok? I want to see Jiang Junyue. I know inside him. "She begged for the first time that she was so thick-skinned to ask a person to see Jiang Junyue.
"Jiang Junyue? Jiang’s president? " As soon as the doorman’s voice eased.
Yes, that’s him. I don’t know if there is any hope, but she just wants to try.
"Oh, you are his lover. You women are really mean. Yesterday, there was a woman who came to see him. He didn’t see you. Presumably, he won’t see you either. You go." The doorman waved his hand and disdained to glance at her. "It’s really a windy day. Why are girls so not reserved now? It’s really …"
Lan Jingyi was said that she couldn’t wait to find a crack in the ground, and they were right. Now she is not together with Jiang Junyue.
Or wait until dawn to try again, otherwise it’s not the way for her to call it that.
Walking to the side of the gate, people sit on the side of the road. The stone teeth are cold, but she really can’t live any longer. After walking for so long, it will be dawn. She will sit for a while.
Chapter 223 So go the hard way?
She took out several unopened text messages and just walked all the way, but she didn’t hear them.
"Yi yi, where are you? Why don’t you go home? "
"Yi Yi, reply to the text message quickly."
"Yi yi …"
It’s mom. Mom is worried about her.
I sent a short message back to my mother, "I’m fine. I’ll go back when I’m done. You and Qin Qin Zhuang Zhuang eat, sleep and don’t miss me."
When she’s done, she just sits there. She thinks she’s crazy. People here forbid her to see Jiang Junyue, but she still has to wait here.
The day finally came on, and the surrounding lights went out, and the scenery became clearer and clearer, and more people on the road began to sweep the road and do morning exercises. The morning time was always so beautiful, but her heart was always tangled and sad.
Jiang Han didn’t sleep all night. He couldn’t sleep.
It rang again. "Did she go back?" I don’t know how many times Jiang Junyue called and asked her if Lan Jingyi had gone back.
"I haven’t sat at the gate yet."
"Let her go back."
"How do I say? Can you say that I followed her? " Jiang Han really wants to talk to him. Jiang Junyue can do it to Lan Jingyi, but where does he dare? He dare not at all.
"Call aunt sunny to detention center sitting outside more indecent was found and explosive news also don’t think I’m messy enough now? Jiang Han, how do you work? "
"Jiang always …"
"Is there any news about Ann?"
"Not yet, but Liu Wentao said he knew and said to … to …"
桑拿按摩Listening to Jiang Han stuttering, Jiang Junyue was more anxious. "Now that he knows, ask me."
"But he said he wanted Lan Jingyi to be his woman, otherwise he wouldn’t say."
Words that end was silent Jiang Junyue for a long time didn’t speak "Jiang always you see …"
"Well, then think of another way to persuade her to go back and hang up." Jiang Junyue struggled again to be the most trusted person. As a result, the more trusted the person, the more he harmed himself. Now, all kinds of evidence show that he did it, but he is really innocent. Did he ever do it? He knew that he really regretted not recording the conversation when Manager An was looking for him, which can prove that he didn’t do it.
But in any case, he can’t sell his flesh out by a woman. Fortunately, Lan Jingyi didn’t agree, otherwise if he goes out, she will be the first to peel it.
That’s what he hates most in the nest, but he never thought he was still lying down.
Lan Jingyi also sat at the gate of the detention center.
There are more and more people on the road, and everyone is in a hurry. It’s time for class, but she sits here and looks at the pedestrians in a daze.