Qin Feng unlocked the few places I just ordered。
“Ok,right now,Can you just say?otherwise……”Qin Feng shook his hand,The meaning of threat couldn’t be more obvious。
Yang Yinyin opened his eyes at this time,But I still have a snack in my heart,Own personal doctor,Seems to know quite a lot。This way,I only saw it in movies and TV before,right now,Actually saw it with my own eyes!
“Her poison,You made it?”Qin Feng didn’t bother to ask if this guy knew him,Go straight。
“She was poisoned?”Eight.Always looking at Yang Yinyin,Such a good girl is actually poisoned?
but,This,I haven’t seen it,How can I do it!
But this time,Eight.Older is smarter、
“That one,Can I see this girl’s illness?”Eight.Old asked。
“Can it?”Qin Feng is very unwilling to be honest,Because if this lets,Maybe this old man will hold his beautiful boss’s little hand,Although this is just for medical treatment,But I still feel disgusted。
“Yin Yin,What do you think?”Qin Feng feels,Or ask your own beauty boss。
“I,I think,Still show him。”Yang Yinyin seems to have guessed Qin Feng’s mind,but now,It’s not the time to care about these。
“Old man,If I knew you had any ugly ideas,Then you’re done,I will make you better than death!”
I heard Qin Feng’s words,Eight.Always have a heartbeat feeling,So hurriedly said:“how come,I really just want to see a doctor。”
Although he has basically no internal strength now,But this is just to get the pulse,Look at sickness or something,Still ok。