“nonsense,I have never seen Zhang a few times in my life!”

“……I do not believe!”
Old man Zhang was excited by Chen Xiu,Shouting:“Let this kid get started one by one!”
Pieces of antiques passed by Chen Xiu’s hands,Mysterious power,Absorbed from the antique。
The power of dozens of antiques is absorbed,Not only does he not feel tired at all,But refreshed,Full of strength。
“how about it,Convinced!”Old man Zhang said proudly。
Chen Xiu raised his thumb in praise:“Zhang Lao,You are definitely the first person in our Ansan collection!but,There are so many good things here, you are not afraid that someone will be evil?”
“Haha……When my shop first opened, there were a few international thieves who really moved their minds。
Old man Zhang clapped his hands and shouted:“Ah Da,Ah Er came out and let this little friend Chen see!”
Two men in their thirties came out from the back hall,The footsteps are very gentle,Obviously Lianjiazi!
What shocked Chen Xiu was,From the two of them, he faintly felt a sense of familiarity with the mysterious atmosphere on the antique.。
“My two servants are masters,It’s okay to hit dozens of them,How many little thief are here!these years,I’m a thief who dare not come here!”