337 Treasure

Gu Hua feels like a stripYLike a dancer,Unbutton the clothes one by one,Including belt。
Top off,Pants off,Showing red pants。
“The pants are also taken off!”Chen Xiu shouted。
Gu Hua finally took off the red panties with humiliation,Suddenly a flashlight flashed behind a tree。
“Lying,What do you want!”
“……nonsense,Of course take pictures!Do not leave a few nude photos of the future owner of the Gu family,How meaningful!”
“You are so vicious,Leave no handle in my hand,How can I rest assured that you leave。”
“……You dare to come and give me yin in the future,I just let people
338 Blackmail 500 million
“How many?”
Gu Hua thought he heard it wrong。
“Billion!”Chen Xiu repeated。
Gu Hua repeated it again,Swear word blurted out immediately:“You are so crazy,Still treat me as a bank!How dare a lion open his mouth!”
“You can not give,We just consume。See who is more anxious!”
“100 million,Up to 100 million,I won’t have any more points!”