Lu Jian also has high blood pressure,Body is not good,I don’t want them to do things.。

Lan Xinjia,Immerse in a strong sadness。
Blue Jun Junsian three people are also very painful。
The brothers and sisters are all back in the room.。
Blue Punjun does not believe that his father is dead.。
Wherever I learned all the news from European。
He personally called his master.。
“Small seven。”
The opposite is always like the sound of the 屌 屌。
Blue rumor:“master,My father has an accident.,His car is controlled,Fall into the sea,I haven’t found him yet.。”
The other party is very surprised。
“Small seven,You must be very sad now.?
I checked that you made me check it yesterday.,I have always ignored your dad garage.。
Small seven,You have to cheer up,Find a murderer,Give your father to revenge hate,The master will try our best to help you.。”
The sound of the other party is no longer 纨绔,But it becomes pain and is concerned.。
“Thank you master!”
Xiao Jun hangs after the phone,He looked outside the window,it’s getting dark。
What should my mother do??
He lights down the floor,In the hall of the first floor,No lighting,He went to the mother’s room,I heard a low sobbity。
He pushed the door,Only bedside lamps in the room,Looking at the mother’s dull window,Holding her with her and dad in hand.,Crying。
He has bored his lower lips.,Run past,Holding the delicate body。
“Mother,Don’t cry,Dad will be fine,Did not see Dad,Hope。”
He won’t comfort people,His language,Always like a white paper,Think of what to say?。
He knows that his mother is very painful.,Very painful。
But my mother must support it.。
“呜呜 呜 小,Xiao Jun,Mom is so painful。”
Blue Xin painfully leaning on his son small shoulders,Close eyes,Tears, like a pearl of the line,Peep into the handsome thread shoulders and hair。
Son’s arrival,Let her seem to catch the rescue straw。
Little handsome tears flow,But suppressing the sound of yourself。
Blue Xin’s heart is like a sharp sharp knife poke her heart.,Let her fall into this pain。