Book Xiangxi Yigin, Northern Road, Calligraphy, Culture, Confidence

Works created by calligraphy enthusiasts. Two-way street for map People’s Network Chongqing June 3 electricity to transfer cultural self-confidence in calligraphy, enrich the spiritual cultural life of the jurisdiction, June 3 "School Party History" is the theme of "Book of Xiang Yage" calligraphy activities. In the event, party members calligraphy enthusiasts celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, with the pen in the ink songs of the party, show the party’s 100-year brilliant, write the party’s glorious history, and put the blessings of the party and the country love to pour it in the pen It is vividly written in the new era to the party’s support and singing.

Squirting, a calligraphy works jumped on paper, expressing their true feelings of the party and the motherland.

  It is reported that this calligraphy is organized to guide the Chinese excellent traditional culture and revolutionary traditional education, firm cultural self-confidence, inheriting the red gene, and guide the majority of calligraphy enthusiasts, and combine the traditional culture of the promotion calligraphy and learning the 100-year party history. The Party History Learning is more submerged due to the infiltration of traditional culture, so that traditional culture is more era in the party history. (Liu Zhengning, Chen Qin) (Editor: Liu Zhengning, Zhang Wei).