“Had it not been for Fan Wencheng,Qing Dynasty official,What’s the Han nationality??You still hate others,Really unreasonable,Kindly struck by lightning,That’s it?”

“so,Fan Wencheng really can’t be considered a traitor。Moreover,Man Han is now a family,Help Manchu,Why are you a traitor??”
“Yes!Yue Fei has been deleted as a national hero!For national unity,So don’t talk about traitors but not traitors!”
Speaking of Yue Fei losing even the title of national hero,Many people yell at experts for not being people。
Education that everyone has been exposed to since childhood,In other words, Yue Fei is a national hero,Is also the idol of many people,suddenly,You said Yue Fei is not a national hero,It is equivalent to breaking the beliefs of many people,Is this acceptable?
More viewers should stay neutral!Whether it is Ming Dynasty,Or Qing Dynasty,Not so good in their eyes。Darkness in the late Ming Dynasty,Is unimaginable to many people,Although the Qing Dynasty is not Han orthodox,But at least it brings a new atmosphere。
however,The Qing Dynasty almost signed the most humiliating regulations in the history of the Chinese nation,Lost the pride of the Chinese nation,This is why everyone doesn’t like this dynasty。
As for Fan Wencheng,Is it a traitor,That for everyone,It doesn’t matter。
Get!For a time,There is not much interest in this book。
In general,People who don’t like the Qing Dynasty still make up the majority,Even brother Hu,Not much interest in that book,Mention Fan Wencheng,I didn’t introduce it directly,You can also see Hu’s attitude。
柰子,I don’t feel bad about Fan Wencheng anymore。Say again,She also simply appreciates the calligraphy,There is no such thing as a throat。