Leo said it is naturally the bat fruit that Lake Fidel ate in the theater version.,Although this fruit is named after a bat fruit,But in fact it belongs to everyone’s fruit。

I can only say the strange characteristics of the vampire species,As a human form, it evolved from a bat。
This devil fruit,There is a record in the navy chart,At the top, this fruit belongs to the fruit of everyone。
The name above is:Everyone fruit bat fantasy animal species vampire form。
Animal fruits can actually be divided into two categories:Fruit for all、Animal fruit。
There are common species in these two categories、Ancient species、Eudemons。
Everyone’s fruits are also grown in ancient times,There is a record in the illustrated book,Ancient form of Yama named Renren Fruit。
As for the difference between human fruit and animal fruit,,Everyone’s fruit is eaten by animals,Can give animals intelligence and the ability to speak。
So it seems,It seems that all fruits are more suitable for animals,Actually it is true。
However, the Eudemons and ancient species of the fruit of everyone are not suitable for animals,Because this is equivalent to sublimating the animal twice。
From animal to human,And then to the Eudemons form。
The power to sublimate once is provided by the devil fruit itself,But sublimation twice will absorb the vitality of a large number of eaters。
“So you know,If you eat this fruit,Even if you have a long life,But it will also lose a lot!”Leo says。
Animal fruit,But there is no such restriction,Even if ordinary animals eat it, it will not affect。
From the effect after eating, you can understand the difference between the two。